Sending Messages

Public Messages #

Adult Talent List provides ways for you to send a message publicly to another member of the site or network. Members will be notified of public messages by a new message count in the Notifications menu as well as receive email notifications, if enabled by said member.

Mention the member by using the “at sign” ( @ ) + member username, e.g. @mercime. Mentioning the user can be done on the activity page of the Adult Talent List site:

    • Status Update form in the Activity page or in your own profile page
    • Activity Stream Comment and/or Reply form

Direct Messages #

Private Messaging works like an internal site email. Members can message other members as well as reply to received messages. Each member will have their own individual Inbox. Members will be notified of new messages by a new message count in their own Messages tab, or in the notification circle, as well as receive email notifications of the private message, if enabled.

How to Send a Direct Message #

Via member’s Message button

  1. Go to the member’s profile page
  2. Click on the Message button in the member’s header area and a new message popup will appear.
  3. Enter the content of your message inside the message box
  4. Click on the Send Message button
  5. The logged in member will be notified about the message via Notification alert in the notifications menu and via email if enabled.

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