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Jobs can be posted to the job board by any member of Adult Talent List. Jobs can be viewed by all members/guests and every logged in user has the ability to apply for the job through the application submission form. Job listings cost $2.99 and expire after 90 days.

To begin navigate to the “Post a Job” page to find the job listing form.

  1. Hover over the Jobs tab in the main menu
  2. Hover over Jobs Dashboard
  3. Select Post a Job from the drop-down
  4. You’ll be prompted to fill in the following fields:
      • The Job Title – The first thing you’ll need to fill in is the job title. We encourage you to use common job titles ( like ‘Model’ or ‘Actress’).
      • The Location – To make sure that your job listing is advertised to the appropriate candidates, add an accurate location. Locations will be auto-suggested as you type. It’s important to choose the city, state, and country where the person will be working. If the job can be done remotely, leave the field blank if you’d like.
      • Job Category – Select a category to place the job into. This allows jobseekers to easily filter through jobs of their interests.
      • Job Tags – You’ll see a short section with the optional tags to better target your job post. These can include Genre, Gender, Function, Salary, Employment type etc.
      • Description – Next fill out the job description and requirements. The information included in this sections will form your public facing job advert. This is your chance to explain to potential candidates what the job involves.
      • E-mail/URL – Enter in e-mail or web address where jobseekers can apply.
      • Company Details – This is the section where you can enter details about your company. You can list your website, twitter username, a link to a video, or upload a logo or picture.
  5. Click the preview button to verify that you’re listing is correct
  6. Submit your job listing

Check using your preferred method through the PayPal gateway. You will receive confirmation when your payment is complete and you can be redirected back to the Post Job page.

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