Canceling your membership

Members are given the option to cancel their membership at anytime from their account page.

When a member cancels their membership, their automatic renewal payments will be immediately disabled but the member will retain access to restricted content up until the expiration date on their account is reached.

For example, if a customer’s account is due to renew on June 1 and they choose to cancel on May 15th, they will be permitted to access restricted content up until June 1. Their access continues for the duration of the period they have paid for.

In order for a customer to be able to cancel their membership, a few conditions must be met:

  • The account must have been paid through a payment gateway that supports cancelling recurring subscriptions. 
  • The account must have the Auto Renew option enabled. This is set automatically when customers purchase a membership with auto renew enabled.
  • Payment Profile ID must be present on the membership. This ID is provided by the merchant processor (Stripe, PayPal, etc) and is set automatically during account registration.
  • The membership must have a status of Active.
  • Payment plans cannot be cancelled.

If any of these conditions are not met, the option to cancel a membership will not be shown.

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