Success Tips for iWantClips

Make more money on iWantClips. We know that following these tips for success on iWantClips will work for many successful Artists.


We know that following these tips for success on iWantClips will work for many successful Artists. While we can’t guarantee success for every single Artist, we want you to know that you are supported and encouraged no matter what you decide to do. That being said, we have found that following Tips for Success on iWantClips has been successful for many Artists. As much as we wish we could guarantee success for every single Artist, the unfortunate reality is that what works for one may not work for everyone.

What is iWantClips?

iWantClips is an industry leading, all-in-one platform that allows for adult content creators and models to sell content and services on the platform for:

  • Clips
  • Audios
  • Phone Sex
  • Documents
  • Custom Clips
  • Pay-to-View Messages
  • Fan Club Subscriptions

iWantClips is an artist-friendly and technologically advanced platform. It was founded by a popular clip producer and is home to a variety of different artists, including fetish clip producers, cam girls, cam boys, and dommes. With over 800 categories, there is a home for every artist and customer.

Success Tips for iWantClips Artists

1. Upload Frequency

Many Artists find that uploading content on a regular basis helps them see the most success. A minimum of uploading 2-3 times per week helps Artists stay on top of their game.

This will help your content get maximum exposure throughout the week. Scheduling your uploads is even better!

2. Uploading Times

Uploading your content consistently and on a schedule is key for artists. It can help them identify best days and times to release content. It may be that uploading clips on Thursday night in the evening around 7PM will sell the most! It may take some time to develop this data but it’s worth it to identify patterns such as these.

3. Primary Clip Store

Many Artists have found it best to have one main clip store for their content. This allows them to upload all of their content to one place, make it the only clip store on their social media profiles, and focus on marketing the primary store. They can then direct their traffic to that clip store, as opposed to having their traffic scattered across many different stores.

4. Clip Pricing & Length

As an artist, you set your price for your clips. However, we’ve found some guidelines to consider: the most successful clips are priced at $9.99 and have an average length of 9 minutes and 44 seconds. 30% of all clips purchased on IWC fall between the price range of $8.99-12.99 with an average length of 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

Now that you know what the best clips are priced at, how do you determine your own pricing structure? It’s actually really easy. There is no set price per minute, but many artists follow a general guideline of $1.00 per minute, plus $0.99. This means that a 10-minute clip would cost $10.99.

5. Social Media Auto Tweets

Auto-tweeting is the key to online success for many Artists. It will automatically send out a tweet with a link to your product and let you know when it sells. Promoting your content is easy with this tool, and it’s a great way to get your traffic to purchase a clip or two.

6. iWC Popular Categories

What’s selling best on iWantClips? Categories and items that rank highest in terms of sales are a good place to start. Check the top-selling posts in various categories on the iWC website:

Once you have an idea of what’s selling, you can use that info to help create a better product for your customers. Maybe add a few details to the costume you’re wearing, or try using a different angle to make the product more appealing.

7. Analyzing Sales Data

One of the most important ways to find success as an Artist is by knowing what your audience likes and creating content consistently within those categories. It may take some time to gather enough data, but it’s always worth it to pay attention to what clips sell the best for you. Keep an eye on those categories, and continue to create content in those areas!

8. Try New Categories

Artists often find success by balancing what works well for them with trying new categories. If you’re creating content in a category that doesn’t appeal to you, then it’s time to broaden your range of content. This can include broadening the type of content you sell, such as adding audio categories.

Thank you for reading our list of tips on how to succeed with iWantClips. We hope this article is helpful.

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