Teaches Sex Workers, Public Intimacy Wellness

LOS ANGELES—Whether sex is something one does for fun, profit or both, actual sexual wellbeing can be elusive. Performer, producer and director Dee Siren has a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, in addition to a lifetime of experience and academic study. Now she has a website where she can share her knowledge and insights, Siren’s degree, which she obtained before launching her career in adult entertainment, encompasses extensive study in both psychology and sociology. In addition to her work within the adult industry, along with her husband of more than 20 years, she has also enjoyed the hotwife/swinger lifestyle for more than a decade. The culmination of these unique experiences and studies have led Siren to a point where she can make herself available to assist others. “I can relate to a lot of sex issues that people face and want to offer my services on how to better them,” Siren said. “Industry and non-industry face challenges when it comes to sex. My education and experience within the adult industry, as a sexpert, and being in an open marriage, put me in a unique position to help others.” Linked within the Siren Sex Coach site is her Patreon campaign. Parties interested in increasing their sexual wellbeing or in need of sex worker advice can subscribe to one of the tiered perks. Member levels include basic intimacy coaching to more extensive weekly 30-minute video sessions. People looking to build their sexual confidence can benefit from Siren’s knowledge and experience. To celebrate the launch of this program, she is offering a special incentive on the $25 per month one-to-one outreach tier. Those who subscribe to that tier before May 20 will receive a personalized digital message from Siren as a show of gratitude. Find more information about Dee Siren’s Patreon here. Follow Dee Siren on Twitter @MrsSiren.

written by: Terrie Alexander

source: Teaches Sex Workers, Public Intimacy Wellness | AVN