Pineapple Support to Host Virtual Retreat at WMA

LOS ANGELES—Pineapple Support, the adult industry’s leading mental health non-profit, has partnered with Webmaster Access to provide a free wellness stage at the upcoming WMA event today through Saturday. A “Virtual Retreat by Pineapple Support” stage will feature alongside a number of other virtual stages at the free Webmaster Access conference online. The following schedule features speakers and activities that are scheduled to take place on this stage throughout the conference. June 4th 11.00 CET: Full body pilates workout. – Ami Collins, The Pilates Rebel 14.00 CET: Introduction to essential oils – Rachel Spain, Kate Gardener & Pernilla Parfitt 16.00 CET: Using the 3Cs and the Empowerment Dynamic for Better Relationships. – Nicki Line, Pineapple Support therapist 19.00 CET: Slow Flow Yoga class with Yin elements – Katja, Health Boss Babes 00.00 CET: Anxiety reduction for Performers – Kristina Andaya, Pineapple Support therapist June 5th 13.00 CET: Breathwork and Yoga Nidra – Jessica Berks – Yoga With Jessica 17.00 CET: Bootcamp – Becky – Balance and Beats 18.00 CET: What is means to be a Pineapple Support volunteer listener. Tips, advice and experiences. – Christina Carter, Pineapple Support Director and Performer 19.00 CET: The understanding, developing and cultivating of self-worth – Warren Byrne – Nurture your Nature 23.00 CET: Meridian Alignment During Quarantine Confinement – Rachael Wells, Pineapple Support trauma therapist June 6th 10am CET: Vinyasa Flow Yoga class – Jesicca Berks, Yoga With Jessica 17.00 CET: Personality in the Workplace – Steven Mollura, LPC, LMHC, Pineapple Support therapist 18.00 CET: Yoga – Rachel – Rachel Spain Yoga 22.00 CET: HIIT Barre – Colton Reece, performer and Pineapple Support ambassador “These are tough times, and they’re probably going to get tougher,” says Chloe Vartan, marketing director, GFY. “While WMA Virtual gives us an opportunity to connect, in a very real sense, mindfulness helps to get us going through tough times, bringing our minds into the here and now. We are really excited to collaborate with Pineapple Express for the Virtual Retreat program. Let’s spread the love!“ Pineapple Support was founded in early 2018 by British performer Leya Tanit in response to losses in the adult industry from depression, addiction and other mental illnesses. The organisation, which is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit in the United States and a registered charity in the UK, has so far connected over one thousand adult performers to mental health services, including free and low-cost, therapy, counseling and emotional support. “We’re beyond excited to share our incredible lineup of speakers and activities on the  Virtual Retreat by Pineapple Support stage,” says Tanit. “Partnering with Webmaster Access and taking part in such an important event is the perfect way for us to reach the industry performers that want to be connected with emotional support services.” 

written by: John Roland

source: Pineapple Support to Host Virtual Retreat at WMA | AVN

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