MyPerfectHarem Camming Couple On ‘Cam_Girlfriend’, Polyamory

LOS ANGELES—The man known simply as Sir remembers the feeling he had when his partner Chrissy LeBlanc started doing solo live-cam shows on Chaturbate. “I remember not liking it,” Sir admits. It was September 2014—about two years into their courtship—when their lives were about to change in a big way, but they just didn’t know it yet. The former bartender recalls his doubts about whether it was a good idea to give his girlfriend his blessing to entertain thousands of men online in various states of undress without him in the room. “I thought, ‘Is this the dumbest thing I’ve ever done? There are wealthier, probably better looking guys out there and I’m exposing her to all these guys who might have great game,” Sir continues. “There are guys out there who could maybe take her away from me. It was a real thing that I had to go through. But she was very reassuring.” A couple weeks later Chrissy invited Sir onto cam with her—for some “teasing” blowjob fun. Then about two weeks after that they went all the way on cam, doing their first hardcore couple’s show. The rest is history. Six years and hundreds of live-cam sessions later, Chrissy LeBlanc and Sir have become one of the most notorious camming couples on the internet as MyPerfectHarem, which is known for its adventures in group sex in which they perform with multiple women. Their popularity is one reason they were selected to open today’s fifth episode of the 10-part comedy series Cam_Girlfriend—titled “The Gift”—with a testimonial about how complicated emotions can arise when your partner is camming for a living—and you’re not. It’s also central to the storyline of Cam_Girlfriend, an unexpected series about how fast-rising cam model Chloe Cables—played by exclusive Chaturbate broadcaster Lily LaBeau—and her live-in boyfriend Mike (Dave Keystone) deal with the outrageous situations that Chloe’s job presents as it intersects with their personal lives.  Created by Ethan Cole, produced by CAMGF1 Productions and made possible by the Independent Production Fund (IPF), Daniel AM Rosenberg directed every episode of Cam_Girlfriend during a grueling two-week stretch in February 2018 in Toronto. The series is being broadcast on The Camming Life YouTube channel. In “The Gift,” Mike feels insecure about his relationship with Chloe after his birthday present to her misses the mark—and Chloe’s fans let him know it. Mike must redeem himself with a new gift and prove to her fans that he knows Chloe better. But will he succeed? Sir can relate to the scenario. “If a man shows weakness—if I were to show weakness—let’s say I got [Chrissy] the wrong present. That would immediately be an impetus for people buying things off your wishlist,” Sir says. Chrissy says when fans find out she has a partner that “I feel like their competitive side starts to come out” as they try to convince her they actually would be a better match. Chrissy and Sir cultivated the seeds for MyPerfectHarem several months before they went online together as they started experimenting with a polyamorous lifestyle. “We were filming videos that spring and summer,” Chrissy says. “The idea and concept was already there.” They remember thinking “there were always orgies and gangbangs” but no one seemed to have a harem of women. “I thought, ‘how is this not a thing?’” Sir says. “So we started talking about it.” “I’ve always been bisexual,” Chrissy confesses. “We started exploring our sexual relationship together and talking about our kinks and fantasies and started watching porn together. Most of the time it would just make us laugh because of how corny it was and how over the top the orgasms were.” The plan at first was to launch a website “and be immediately wealthy and successful,” Sir jokes. “We started by filming content with local girls we could find, but it wasn’t sustainable,” Chrissy says. “Camming started as a way to simply get by while still trying to film content and bigger productions.” They eventually found a girl who was willing to perform on camera with them and understood it could be a lucrative side gig. “Not a lot of people know that we’ve had the harem concept of dating multiple women but not all of them were willing to go on camera,” Chrissy says. “A few of them would come into the chat and support us. The fans knew about them but never saw them. Some girls want to live this lifestyle but not everybody wants to be on camera.” One of their first really big shows as a couple involved cosplay, something LeBlanc now has mastered. “I like dressing up,” Chrissy says. “I love Halloween. That’s when we started doing fuck shows was in October [2014]. One of our first big videos was me as Wonder Woman and him in Superman PJs.”  Their range of shows includes boy/girl, girl/girl, threesomes and foursomes. Their biggest show involved Sir, LeBlanc and four other girls the night before the Exxxotica Expo in Edison, N.J. in 2016—which also was their first adult expo. “The show was a big fuck pile,” Chrissy says. “There was a bunch of different action going on at the same time and the strap-on came out.” Their six-person show at the hotel was the first and last time that many broadcasters shared one cam room on Chaturbate, which now limits to the number to five, the couple says. For guys and girls who want to start their own harem, Chrissy and Sir offer a few pointers. “It starts with one,” Sir says. “You have to start with one woman who is amazing, and honestly, don’t try to start a harem. Find one woman who is open-minded. … Then try to have a threesome and if that works and the dynamics are good, then worry about more. “The girl has to be into it. You can’t just push it on her.” He adds, “Watch your girl and see when she checks out another girl. Comment on that: ’That’s what you like?’ Pick up on what she’s putting out there.” Both Chrissy and Sir say the lockdown put a damper on their harem activities. “With the whole coronavirus we haven’t been able to recruit. I’m very health conscious and we don’t want to get sick,” Chrissy says. “We want everyone to be healthy and happy, so for now, no harem. There’s a lot of people interested but we’re just trying to figure out how to navigate that responsibly and paying attention to everything FSC says and the testing that’s available; and paying attention to what’s going on in the industry and following best practices.” Sir says his stage name comes from him being a Dom. “Sir is something I like to be called in the bedroom as a Dom. I like the BDSM role; I like my subs to call me sir. That just makes me feel good, so that’s kind of where it started,” he says. “I knew that people were going to compare me to other people who have had multiple girlfriends. Hugh Hefner was an example. If I have a name like John, or whatever it is, then I’m another person. But Sir is a title like the president—anyone can be president. I wanted people to think anyone can be Sir. Anyone can have their own harem.” “It’s a lot of easier for fans to put themselves in his shoes,” Chrissy adds. “All porn is a fantasy and we didn’t want to take away from that.” Sir and Chrissy, who both are from the Washington D.C. area, relocated to Vegas in winter of 2018 for both work and lifestyle reasons. “D.C. is a very conservative area and a lot of people wanted to work with us there but they didn’t want their face to be shown,” Sir says. “We’re not gonna do a show from the neck down. It’s expensive to live there and not necessarily worth paying a lot of money for a penthouse apartment. There’s more opportunity in the adult industry on the West Coast.” “A lot of the talent we were finding wanted to do it part time and didn’t want to make a name for themselves,” Chrissy says. “As a company we saw an opportunity. We said let’s go where people are going to take it seriously and are professional.” They started dating in 2012. “We used to work together in a corporate environment—a call center. We both had cubicles,” Sir explains. “I thought she was cute and I would go over and make a joke and then I would leave and say, ‘Gotta got to work.’ She thought I was the funniest person.” “Making a girl laugh is everything, that’s how we met,” Chrissy says. “We didn’t start dating when I worked there,” Sir continues. “I left that job and she was at a bar nearby, which was in the same shopping area as my grocery store.” One late afternoon, when Chrissy was sitting at that bar, she spotted Sir on the street “and called me over and said, ‘Come have a drink with me,’” he says. Sir didn’t hesitate. They had martinis at the Irish pub and Chrissy challenged Sir to a game of beer pong. “I didn’t know he was faking that until years later,” she says, referring to Sir’s beer pong skills. When they met—at a publicly traded company—Sir was doing sales, while Chrissy was a supervisor. She has a business degree with a concentration in marketing and a minor in Spanish; he was a math and physics major, minoring in business administration and philosophy. “We were climbing the corporate ladder when all this started and we decided we didn’t want to aim for the middle,” Chrissy says. “I bartended for most of my career,” Sir notes. “I was more of a bartender than I was a salesman in different forms.” Chrissy says after four years in an office she was proud to quit her job in 2013 to do porn. “I got my boobs done while I was still working there,” she reveals. “We came up with this whole business plan for launching our website. When I was ready to quit my job I ordered up my business cards and left a stack of business cards with my new name on my desk. I told like one person what I was leaving to do and it spread like wildfire. Now I have people that I used to work with who are fans of our site and big supporters.” Now they are known not only for their group sex-capades, but also for their baking abilities. “Our first official date was a bakeoff,” Chrissy says. “He cooked dinner, I cooked dessert. “We cook all our meals at home and rarely go out to eat. We love to cook things from scratch and we eat well. We learned to cook all different kinds of cuisines. Desserts are more my specialty, like cookies and brownies.” To view Episode 5 of Cam_Girlfriend, click here.

written by: Dan Miller

source: MyPerfectHarem Camming Couple On ‘Cam_Girlfriend’, Polyamory | AVN

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