MFC’s Alex Athena Featured in July Issue of CAMStar

LOS ANGELES—Alex Athena says once she sets her mind on doing something there is no stopping her.“I am a very determined person,” Athena tells AVN. “I don’t think I have it in me to give up on anything. I always find a way to make things work out and do the best I can.” Whether it was earning her Bachelor’s degree before she turned 21, teaching English in Japan, building a new career in adult or climbing the ranks on MyFreeCams, Athena tends to adapt and excel. “I am so grateful for everything camming has afforded me,” says the sweet and sexy former administrative assistant from Canada. “It truly changed my life for the better and I think the greatest decision I ever made was deciding to just go for it and sign up!” In this exclusive Q&A for CAMStar, Athena reveals how she’s been spending her quarantine, what drew her to Media Studies in college, her No. 1 film genre, her camming influences and her favorite musical artists, among other things.  Click here for the digital edition. For bonus questions, see below:  CS: How did you develop your camming routine? AA: I think I sort of fell into my routine. When I first started, I put in a ton of online hours at different times of day to see where I had the best fit. I found a bit of a following with night crew which was also the time I had the most energy so that’s when I’ve spent most of my time online. I plan to expand my hours to daytime as well but I could never leave my night crew hanging. How do you use MFC Share? What have been some of your most popular clips on Share? I often use MFC Share goals to raise funds toward fun things and give rewards in return. I put all of the items I sell on there for easy access as well as all of my pictures and videos (I love that I can give previews for my videos and write descriptions). My most popular videos would be my vintage striptease pack (3 videos for 80 tokens) but my Alex Croft and Kitty Strip videos have been very popular as well! I’ve had rave reviews on those and they’re currently half price. You can get both for 350 tokens in my Collections! What advice would you give a new cam model trying to establish herself? My advice to new cam girls starting out is to put the time into researching the site you’re joining and getting a real understanding for the industry. You don’t have to fit into a specific mold to be successful and being true to yourself goes a long way. I would suggest sitting down and writing out your goals, your boundaries, your vibe/style and things you would enjoy doing most online. This way you can start to bring your vision to life and building your own community and loyal following. What kind of shots do you usually take on cam? I take half shots of vodka because I suck at taking a normal-sized shot. My favorite is Ciroq! I like it flavored, but in reality it’s the Red Bull chaser I prefer.What’s your favorite Bieber song right now? What’s your favorite Bieber song of all time?I just love to torment my room by playing his songs, so I used to play “Baby” a lot then I got so sick of it myself and I switched to “Despacito.” I actually like that one! When did you own a horse? What kind of horse was it? My family owned horses when I was a kid. We had a few horses, Canadian or quarter-horses normally. I always wanted a stallion.Name someone who has had a major influence on you and why…In this industry I have really looked up to Sasha Bae and Aspen Rae. I noticed them when I first began camming and they inspired me. Not only are they extremely successful, they are down to earth and very classy. I built a friendship with them both and on our travels together they were so motivational. They both work so hard and are always positive and uplifting. How did you develop your listening skills? Honestly, I’m just so curious about learning about other people. I find everyone has been through bad times, good times and have some amazing stories to share. It makes me happy when people feel they can open up to me and be vulnerable.  Follow Alex on her new Instagram at @alexathena_xo.

written by: Dan Miller

source: MFC’s Alex Athena Featured in July Issue of CAMStar | AVN

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