Launches Matthew Camp Site

LOS ANGELES — has decided that it’s time to go to camp., specifically.  The new site will house all of Camp’s personal self-produced content as well as all his studio work for The Men exclusive said, “I’m very excited to bridge the gap between studio and personal when it comes to the films I make. It’s almost like the camera follows me from the show-stopping productions to the most intimate spaces in my home, but now all available in one place!’’ Fans of Camp will be able to enjoy his most intimate moments at home with friends and lovers, as well as the high-budget productions he is part of for the Men brand. “It’s truly amazing to be supported by the biggest name in the industry,” Camp said. “This level of recognition is a dream goal for anyone in this creative field. It’s so important for me as a performer to be able to share all sides of my sex life, and it’s almost a little kinky to get this personal with my own home videos.”  

written by: Terrie Alexander

source: Launches Matthew Camp Site | AVN

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