Marketer Amberly Rothfield Creates ‘Devilish Marketing Podcast’

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Top marketer Amberly Rothfield and her longtime friend Sean Earley have teamed up to launch a weekly show, The Devilish Marketing Podcast. Amberly began her career in adult as a phone sex operator and became a best-selling author with her book, based on her experiences, How I Made $10,000 A Month As A Phone Sex Operator. She and Sean, who runs, have decided to share their marketing knowledge of several aspects of the adult industry with their fellow sex workers to help them reach their financial goals. The first episode of The Devilish Marketing Podcast, titled “What To Expect”, is now available on, as well as Spotify and other platforms. Amberly and Sean each discuss their backgrounds and share their ideas with peers on how to grow their businesses. New episodes will be available weekly, and more information is available at  “I am extremely excited to be working with Sean on this project. His experience and insight in the industry is incredibly valuable,” said Amberly. Listeners can follow Devilish Marketing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Amberly also offers one-on-one consultations with models who are interested in growing their brand. For more information and rates, click here. Those who are interested to learn about new classes, events, and more may follow Amberly on Twitter and Instagram. The best-selling author’s books are available on Amazon, and helpful videos and more can be found on 

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Marketer Amberly Rothfield Creates ‘Devilish Marketing Podcast’ | AVN

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