JuicyAds Slashes Bid Minimums for Annual Summer Promo

VANCOUVER—JuicyAds, the sexy advertising network, has announced the launch of its summer promo this week by cutting the minimum bids on 10 geos for banners, native ads and pop-unders. New and existing clients will find the minimum bids on Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Japan, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brazil and Korea have been cut by 25 percent through July 31st. To take advantage of the offer, launch a new campaign targeting any of the specified geos, and you’ll be able to start off at the reduced bid price. “We’re happy to bring this value to all of our current and new clients for the summer, when organic traffic tends to slow down,” said JuicyJay, JuicyAds’ founder and CEO. “It’s a great opportunity to test your offers in these countries.” JuicyAds, which specializes in banner ads and pop-unders and has more than 14 years experience in the advertising business, offers fully managed campaigns led by industry veterans. It also provides a self-service platform located at juicyads.com. For more information, contact sales@juicyads.com.

written by: John Roland

source: JuicyAds Slashes Bid Minimums for Annual Summer Promo | AVN

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