Commentary: New Camming Perspective Explores ‘Social Traffic’

The New Camming Perspective (NCP) placed its focus and efforts on the models’ side: explanations about why they have to be understood by the industry that sets the rules of webcam platforms as people ? someone that is, feels, dreams, and suffers ? and not only as playmates ready to please men online. These explanations meant to address the fact that quality of life leads to greater productivity at work; a person’s morale is related to the image they project of themselves, so, self-esteem and self-care are essential tools to do this job.  Now let’s take a look at the camming customers’ side: they are also human, and humanity is of a social nature; one that feels empathy, likes companionship and seeks reciprocity. Being human means that we are mammals, not reptilians or even worse, machines. Warmblood is one aspect that we incorporated into language as we refer to relationships. When referring to our species, we should acknowledge the fact that we all have emotional needs, which many times are completely out of reach to reason and logic. Nevertheless, in operational terms, not all kinds of customers are interested in developing or satisfying their emotional side with camming models. Many of the porn/freemium camming customers are just interested in pleasing themselves sexually. That’s why it is necessary to separate premium/camming from freemium/porn. Furthermore, there is the need to renew our sources of traffic, seeking clients who are interested in human connections. The NCP studies refers to this new target as the “Social Traffic” (2019). The “Social Traffic” behaves in a different way than the traditional “Porn” and “Dating” traffic when in touch with the live-cam girls: the more personal the connection is, the longer they stay in the rooms and continue to come back for more. This is an interesting proposal for the business because it presents an opportunity to boost profit while also providing better payment to the model, the studio and the platform; a win-win situation that makes a difference. The “Social Traffic Business Strategy” developed by NCP has been put to test by a major platform and has delivered some positive results. It is truly exciting to see one of the ideas of this project take shape and live on its own. At this moment, I would like to express my thankfulness to Gaming Adult for believing in it! Who is the “Social Traffic” and why should the industry pay attention to them? The NCP studies have observed that our society isolates many people, including successful males who don’t have a social life because of several reasons, which include work, study, and unusual or non-mainstream habits. So, they spend most of their free time on the internet. Being reclusive doesn’t mean they want to be hermits. To the contrary. They might have a lack of social skills and self-confidence, but none of this means they would not like to build connections with a girl. Everything can be different in the online world: they can be superheroes, no cold feet! If one wishes, it is possible to understand this as categorizing profitable customers, such as the following groups, which could be included in one or more these: •Nerds: while this was a derogatory term in the past, currently its okay to call oneself a nerd, since the idea is related to someone who enjoys knowing about things. Why would this be a bad thing?•Gamers: anyone who plays a game is a gamer? Wrong! Gaming is a lifestyle that conditions many others of their lives. •Otakus: The fans of Japanese culture who love to consume anime, manga, hentai, etc.•Lonely hearts: the condition of modernity that impacts relationships making them shorter and trivial. We are all likely to be like this one moment or another in our lives.  The relevance of categorizing a group is understanding that people are different and their characteristics can be profiled. It is necessary to focus on what matters to each of these target consumers. Regarding the Social Traffic, they are not passive-aggressive people who are taking every chance to “monster-vibe” a girl.  Over the last 20 years, there has only been one kind of publicity related to camming: the “instant sexual satisfaction here” kind. As if every customer were looking only for “sex slaves.” My reflections from observing the market during the last 10 years are that those who seek for instant sexual satisfaction are tipping on freemiums and the premium top models are making the largest part of their earnings from their regulars—the dating traffic. Having said that, the Social Traffic is untapped potential for the premium models, because the members are interested in hooking up with them. However, it is not suitable to deliver the same marketing campaigns to these two very different mindsets.  The Social Traffic must be better understood and harnessed by the industry. So, different target consumers need different marketing campaigns. Not only do the members gain from this, but also the premium model and the studios that work with them because this kind of member is the one who spends more time in the models’ rooms and tends to return.  It is important to clarify that the Porn Traffic means the customers who are not very profitable because they will only stay for two minutes in the girls’ rooms and won’t return because they didn’t even manage to notice the sites’ and girls’ name. The reduction of a woman to parts of her body in a marketing campaign is guaranteed to reach the customer who wants to pay less. All of this leads to worse earnings and more inhumane treatment to the girls.  Final Thoughts The exploration of the Social Traffic (2019) as new customers arriving into models’ rooms leads to the idea of Mainstream Camming (2020): the new concept of the New Camming Perspective (NCP) studies. It means that instead of suggesting men to see women as “sex slave,” the new ads will stimulate them to build connections with the models. In order to awaken the men’s desire to Build Connections (2016) with women, marketing campaigns must focus on the Social Aspect of Camming (2017), which means: dressed-up girls in elegant outfits, joy in their face, and comfortable with the environment they are in. The sum of these visual clues sends a message that this is a person that should be respected (not a playful little object) due to some aspects: the explicit confidence on her face, the hidden body parts and a touch of sensuality can be noticed from her attitude and they are a very strong reason to make a man perceive their human value. Thus, the consumer can develop the desire to return to the same performer and this regularity constitutes a genuine strategy that can guarantee more dignity, both in terms of high profit margins and quality of life for the performers.  ABOUT THE AUTHOR Priscila Magossi is a journalist (Mackenzie-SP/Brazil, 2002-2005), with a Master’s Degree (2006-2008) and a Ph.D. (2010-2014) in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP/Brazil). Since she has started her journey in the communication field, she has been studying the impacts of the mass media and the cyberculture in the post-modern society, focusing primarily on the social bonds’ dynamics. Regarding her main activities in the camming industry, Magossi is the author of the New Camming Perspective (NCP): a formal study about camming, a struggle for human rights in adult and a training program for premium models. This new approach is centered on the main concepts of (1) Building Connections between models and members through the (2) Social Aspect of Camming, which is only possible to be developed when in touch with access to the (3) Social Traffic. The sum of these factors leads to the idea of (4) Mainstream Camming: a huge harm reduction that allows models to present themselves socially, which results in female empowerment and better earnings from the repeat customers that treat them in a more humane way.

written by: Priscila Magossi

source: Commentary: New Camming Perspective Explores ‘Social Traffic’ | AVN

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