Xev Bellringer to Celebrate ‘Xevie Awards’ Sunday on Loyalfans

LOS ANGELES — Clip artist Xev Bellringer will celebrate her second annual Xevie Awards with a special livestream this Sunday, starting with a pre-awards Happy Hour at 5:30 p.m (PST) on Loyalfans.com, followed by the ceremony at 6:30 p.m.

“The Xevie Awards celebrate content and the community created by Loyalfans’ ultimate artist, Xev Bellringer,” a platform rep explained. “Award categories are proposed by Bellringer’s fans and winnowed via a voting process. Then, Bellringer’s fans help determine winners in each category, which are announced during the Xevie Awards’ virtual ceremony and gala.”

Categories include such traditional fare as Best Costume and Best Monologue as well as “some Xev-specific fare,” noted the rep, like Yummiest Nipple-Bonies and Prettiest Little Peach.

“This live get-together is a collaboration with my loyal fans to celebrate and talk about all of the sexy videos I filmed this year,” said Bellringer. “There are tons of award categories that fans voted for, peeks behind the scenes, and — of course — the chance to get to know the real me.”

“I’m so excited for the Xevies,” she enthused. “It’s the only time I get to chat with my fans live on camera. I can’t wait to hear all about how much my boys have enjoyed my hot content — not to mention all the fun we can have getting to know each other more. This is a rare opportunity to see me in action, live.”

Loyalfans Co-Founder Eduard A. Braileanu said the platform “could not be more pleasued” to support and host Bellringer’s event for the second year.

“Loyalfans prides itself on creator support, and our programming team has been working directly with Xev to make sure this event goes flawlessly,” Braileanu said. “Loyalfans is a collaborative platform, and supporting creators’ special projects and ideas — things like the Xevie Awards — helps keep content vibrant and fresh for followers and fans. We’re always ready to dive in alongside our creators and help make dreams a reality.”

“See you at the Xevie Awards,” he added.

Find Xev Bellringer on Loyalfans.com.

Contact media@loyalfans.com for additional details and follow the platform on Twitter.



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