Comedy Series ‘Cam Girlfriend’ Debuts New Episode, ‘The Gift’

Comedy Series 'Cam Girlfriend' Debuts New Episode, 'The Gift'

LOS ANGELES — The fifth episode of comedy series “Cam_Girlfriend,” titled “The Gift” and starring Dave Keystone opposite Chaturbate broadcaster Lily LeBeau as “Chloe Gables,” is now streaming on the Camming Life channel on YouTube.

“Mike (Keystone) feels insecure about his relationship with Chloe after her fans accuse him of getting her a thoughtless birthday present,” a rep explained. “He must redeem himself with a new gift and prove that he knows Chloe better than her fans.”

The series will run a total 10 episodes and was made possible by Canada’s Independent Production Fund. It was created by Ethan Cole, written by Cole and Michael Goldlist and directed by Daniel AM Rosenberg. The producers are Goldlist, Rosenberg and Kennedy.

“Cam_Girlfriend” is “less about sex and more about its implications,” a rep explained. “There’s no nudity or gratuitous sexual content. Through a humorous lens, we tell candid stories about the challenges couples face in the digital age.”

Follow the Camming Life YouTube channel here.


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