CAM4, Soldiers of Pole Launch Pole Dance Show ‘Sexorcism’

CAM4, Soldiers of Pole Launch Pole Dance Show 'Sexorcism'

LOS ANGELES — CAM4 has partnered with Soldiers of Pole, a sex work labor advocacy group, on “Sexorcism,” a livestreamed pole dance show premiering tonight at 6 p.m. (PST) with proceeds to benefit VUnion, a labor union established “solely in support of sex workers.”

“Tonight’s show will be an exciting and engaging pole dance extravaganza, offering audiences the chance to interact and engage directly with some of the country’s most beloved strippers,” a rep explained.

“The show will also feature a lively, nonpartisan discussion about the role politics plays in the lives of sex workers,” continued the rep, “from the necessity of labor unions in this space to highlighting the need for more resources and support for Black trans sex workers — undeniably the most vulnerable community in this industry and the country.”

CAM4 Communications Manager Shannon McD said the company was “elated to throw its support behind such important and necessary movements like Soldiers of Pole and VUnion.”

“It’s important for platforms like us to provide a safe, inclusive and lucrative space for broadcasters from all communities, and share messaging that not only destigmatizes sex workers but empowers folks to demand the pay and treatment they are absolutely entitled to. Stay tuned for more to come from this exciting collaboration between CAM4 and Soldiers of Pole.”

Find Soldiers of Pole on and follow the platform on Twitter

Learn more about Soldiers of Pole on Twitter and Instagram.


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