‘Cam_Girlfriend’ Embarks On ‘The Ride’

LOS ANGELES—Lily LaBeau tells AVN “part of the beauty” of what happened in Cam_Girlfriend was how she and co-star Dave Keystone developed their chemistry. “Because I’m very expressive and we just had a good harmony,” says LaBeau, who is an exclusive broadcaster for Chaturbate and also a popular adult performer from Seattle. “He was great with improv.” Their improvisational flair is all on display today in Episode 6 of the 10-part comedy series with the unveiling of “The Ride” on The Camming Life YouTube channel. LaBeau stars as up-and-coming cam model, Chloe Cables, whose WiFi cuts out in the middle of a private show, so she and her live-in boyfriend Mike (Keystone) must race around the city to find a place she can finish her show with a strong signal. “This is my biggest client ever!” Chloe tells Mike as her show unravels. “He schedules things like two weeks advance—I don’t want to lose him!” They pack up her laptop and dildos and hit the streets. But will they be able to find an appropriate spot to broadcast? Or will Chloe lose her top tipper? Created by Ethan Cole, produced by CAMGF1 Productions and made possible by the Independent Production Fund (IPF), the series mixes comedy and drama in what turns into outrageous, yet realistic scenarios all set in the live-camming world. The cast and crew placed the highest priority on representing the worldwide camming community in a positive and authentic way. Shot in February 2018 in Toronto by an accomplished team of TV, film and documentary veterans led by director Daniel AM Rosenberg, the series follows Chloe and Mike as they navigate through unexpected situations that arise when Chloe’s profession intersects with their relationship. One of the signature touches of Cam_Girlfriend is how each episode opens with a different Chaturbate model or camming couple telling a story that relates to the theme of the episode. Last week, Chrissy LeBlanc and Sir, the couple known as MyPerfectHarem, kicked off Episode 5. Avery Black leads off today’s show, revealing how she once had to do a private session when she was staying at her parents’ house while they were asleep. “Which was very, very uncomfortable,” Black jokes. Click here to watch Episode 6.

written by: Dan Miller

source: ‘Cam_Girlfriend’ Embarks On ‘The Ride’ | AVN