Bree Mills to Virtually Direct ‘Future Darkly: Pandemic’

MONTREAL—Adult Time announced plans to cast an introspective look into the present with the production of Future Darkly: Pandemic, set for a fall 2020 release on the platform. The coronavirus pandemic has forced society to shelter inside their homes, as doctors search for a vaccine, the virus continues to spread, and the decision over what to do causes social upheaval. People anxiously await their ability to return to normal life. But how normal will they be when they return?   The anthology film, which will be virtually directed by Bree Mills, features four interlocking stories that take place during the quarantine. Each story will explore the range of human emotion brought on by isolation, especially when mixed with sexual desire. “Over the last few months, I have been impressed by the incredible work being submitted by independent content creators for our Model Time studio,” said Mills, chief creative officer for Adult Time. “Their passion and creativity is truly inspiring and it made me think, ‘What’s stopping us from collaborating on something bigger? What if I could take everything I’ve learned as a director making adult films the traditional way and reimagine a way for myself to work with these creators virtually? “There is so much raw emotion around the current global situation and so many perspectives to consider that I knew the pandemic was a subject I wanted to explore with this film, and that there would be no series more appropriate to do within than Future Darkly.” Future Darkly: Pandemic will be the first film adaptation of the award-winning adult series, with each scene to be shot by a different ‘at-home’ production unit. It is set to be released as both an R-rated anthology film on YouTube and an X-rated series within the Future Darkly channel on Adult Time. Fans can subscribe to the platform and get access to the full library of Adult Time titles—more than 60,000 premium scenes, 200 channels and five-plus new releases per day.

written by: John Roland

source: Bree Mills to Virtually Direct ‘Future Darkly: Pandemic’ | AVN

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