AVN Stars Spotlight: Goddess Nikki Kit

A version of this feature appears in the July issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition. LOS ANGELES—Goddess Nikki Kit tells AVN she is “100 percent self-taught.” She remembers using the internet to stream cartoons before she started educating herself in skills such as graphic design, Photoshop, videography and editing. “Everything to do with my empire, my business—it’s all me,” Kit says. “I love to learn. I love to constantly research how to get better at what I do.” That dedication to her craft continues to pay off for Kit in impressive ways. The Ohio native at press time in May had reached rarified air on AVN Stars, becoming the No. 1 earner on the fastest growing content-sharing platform in adult entertainment. Upon reaching the milestone, Goddess Nikki dispatched a private message to her loyal followers, declaring, “I have some of the best subs and dedicated pets.” “Your tributes and support of My Empire are greatly appreciated,” Kit said in the message. “Each pet serves a purpose and by being a part of My AVN Stars you were a part of pushing Me to #1.” Kit opted to make her Stars profile free to follow, charging a fee only to view her creative clips while also earning tips. A master in the art of female domination who also runs her own one-stop site, DIYFemDom.com, Kit has turned her AVN Stars “digital dungeon” into a personal playground for her Top 5 fetishes—namely Female Supremacy, Chastity, Sissy Training, Mesmerization and FinDom. “Under my guidance, you can achieve a deeper, purer form of subspace than you ever have before,” she promises in her bio. “Follow me on your journey to total submission…” It’s become quite clear that many are following Kit’s instructions. “The ultimate goal for the submissive is to reach subspace and the truth of the matter is subspace is a state of deep trance,” Kit explains. “There’s different ways to get somebody into that state, but that’s what subspace is. That’s why I focus so heavily on mesmerization skills.” Kit finds many ways to apply those skills, but they all lead back to taking someone into subspace. “As a Domme that is my ultimate goal,” she says. While the former stripper reveals she is not very sexually attracted to men, she says men have always been sexually attracted to her. “I attract submissive males like a magnet because I am very confident and very sure of myself,” Kit says. “Going online was just casting a wider net. I needed to break free, be myself, and report to nobody and I’ve been so genuinely happy since I’ve done that it’s insane. “I’ve always had the business understanding. I’ve always been good at business and hustling and making a lot of money. This allowed me to blossom. At the strip club there was a glass ceiling. I could make $1750 to $2000 a week, but there was nowhere else to go, nothing else to do. I had the best stage show, but I was bored. Now with what I’m doing there is no limit. I can expand and I can do whatever I want. Really it’s just true freedom.” Kit in the spring launched DIYFemDom.com, giving her previous GoddessNikkiKit site a makeover. “I preach a lot about self improvement in my empire because I like my subs to be good boys for me all around. I like them to be good humans and happy to serve and please me,” she reasons. “A lot of my empire is built on how to please me and that involves them meditating on me for a certain amount of minutes a day. I have outlines of literally controlling a lot of their schedules. Basically it’s just a recipe for happiness.” Kit continues, “My website and blog and email list are all built on the DIY premise. I just today launched my free 25-minute introduction video. It’s a free download in 1080 HD. It’s an introduction. I tell them who I am. It’s a short life story and what fetishes I’m interested in and what I look for in a good slave.” Kit says she joined AVN Stars in summer of 2019 after her friend Noah Bensi sent her a tweet from 2020 AVN Award-winning Favorite Domme, Violet Doll. She was intrigued. “I joined using Violet’s referral link,” Kit says. “I was in the Top 5 for a while last year but then I had to take a huge break. I had to take care of my grandma after back surgery and I had to take six months off.” Since Kit returned to the AVN Stars platform full force she has enjoyed sharing her insights with the AVN Stars development team, offering numerous suggestions on how to fine-tune the platform. “A year ago I wanted to develop my own content platform but I just kind of fell off of it. But I still had all these ideas,” Kit says. “I’m a fixer. I nitpick and I have OCD, so I choose to look at it as a blessing. I love to pick things apart and improve them. That’s how I live my life. I say, ‘Oh, I can make this better.’” Kit says she has been encouraged by how AVN Stars is receptive to feedback from the models. “I have a lot of experiences from working on all the other websites,” Kit says. “I want AVN Stars to be my No. 1 platform. I want it to be my hub outside of my main website.” Kit says her grandfather has been an enormous positive influence on her. “My grandfather has supported me in my sex-work career from the beginning,” she says. “I was raised by my grandparents. I hid it from him for a little while. I started out as a stripper and I tried to hide it because I was afraid of what he might say.” Finally, her grandfather asked her face to face if she was an exotic dancer. “I had a bunch of money and I was paying for college on my own. He knew something was up and he asked me and I just said, ‘Yep, I’m at a safe place. I’m taken care of and I make a lot of money,’” Kit recalls. “His first response was, ‘How much?’ I had 742 dollars from the night before and I pulled it out and he said, ‘That’s all you have?’ That was his issue. It was that I wasn’t managing my money. He never questioned my choice to be a sex worker.” Her grandfather managed a construction crew that specialized in drywall. “He was an entrepreneur,” Kit says. “He had his own business when I was a kid. I would help him manage his business here and there and he inspired me to be my own person.” The 24-year-old worked as a dancer for four years and then started pulling back on dancing when she was 22, when she began researching femdom and video editing. Kit came to a realization when she was stripping that ultimately changed her life. “I just realized I just needed to be myself. I was making shitloads of money but I wasn’t truly happy because I wasn’t 100% being myself,” she says. “As a stripper sometimes I had to pretend that I was interested in the guys. The fact that they were trying to touch me made me want to throw up in their face. I don’t like the way that men behave sexually around women. They act like disgusting animals honesty.” She would not hold back how she felt with some customers. “Sometimes they would make me so mad I would flip out and my Domme side would come out that I hadn’t even recognized yet and I would flip out on them,” Kit recalls. “About 50% of the time when I got to that point, they would go into subspace and end up tipping me and thanking me. “When they got me to that breaking point all of my acting would come off and I would just be myself and there were people that were willing to pay for me to be myself. That’s when I knew I had to start pursuing femdom.” Kit, who studied biology in college, also makes her own blends of essential oils, reads tarot cards, does regular meditation and practices Yoga. “I’m pretty ripped and that’s 100% cutting out processed foods and Yoga,” she admits. “I went through a 40-day revolution with a Yoga group, adjusting my lifestyle to the Yogi lifestyle. Yoga is not just the bodily movement, it’s a whole philosophy of balance and accepting what is.” Kit also ran her own tutoring company before she even turned 18. “I’ve lived the dream life,” Kit says. “I’m truly free and I’ve never relied on anybody. I’ve always focused on my own success and my own goals.” Photography by @GlitterFlick

written by: Dan Miller

source: AVN Stars Spotlight: Goddess Nikki Kit | AVN

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