Wet Products Now Sold Exclusively Direct-to-Retail

LAS VEGAS—Wet personal lubricants and its sister products are now solely available to retailers directly from manufacturer Trigg Laboratories Inc., after the company decided to no longer sell its Wet products through distributors. To kick off the move, Trigg is running a special promotion for Wet products now through the end of July. Trigg will waive shipping fees on all orders that mention the code FreeShipJuly. Visit BuyWetDirect.com for product information and to view the complete wholesale price list. Product images can be found on WetDigitalImages.com. Orders can be placed by email at jimd@trigglabs.com or by phone at (866) 901-6285 ext. 247. The company’s new direction comes after Trigg Laboratories began its Buy Wet Direct program last year, allowing distributors and retailers to purchase Wet products directly.  After a year of the successful program, Wet will now be sold directly to retailers only. As a result, retailers can expect the following advantages: 1. Minimum quantity of only $100 per order2. Flexibility to purchase in varied “broken case” quantities3. Desired products and sizes always in stock4. Marketing, promotional materials and displays provided directly, upon request5. Direct and prompt notice on new product launches6. Uniform and consistent wholesale pricing “We’ve heard that some in the industry think we are leaving adult retail. That is not so,” said Michael Trigg, founder and CEO of Trigg Laboratories. “We remain devoted to our retail outlets and have modified our business model to improve their competitive position in the marketplace.” Trigg Laboratories is known for its top-selling silicone lubricant Wet Platinum and aims to build upon that recognition by introducing new products now and later this year as it aims to provide retailers the products consumers want and the competitive edge to profit from them. Among the company’s other products are Gold and Silver, along with Wet Cool Tingle and others. “As the Adult market rebounds from the COVID-19 challenge, and other market fluctuations, we look forward to an ongoing and closer relationship with our brick and mortar retailers,” Trigg said. “Our new model will promote retailers’ profitability and access to the best and newest Wet products, which lead the industry. We are there to support our retailers and we want them to thrive with us for years to come.”

written by: Allen Smithberg

source: Wet Products Now Sold Exclusively Direct-to-Retail | AVN