Veteran Doc Johnson Artist Profiled on Playboy’s Website

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Doc Johnson in-house artist Anjani Siddhartha has been featured in a profile on has worked for Doc Johnson for more than 20 years. Her studio walls are lined with toys she’s created and shapes she’s found that inspire her.In the article, Siddhartha discusses her experiences at Doc Johnson. She talks about how she came to work at the company and how she’s seen the industry evolve over decades. She also speaks to the general mainstream mindset of sexuality and pleasure products.“The internet has become the biggest influence in the industry, as I am sure it is for most enterprises and life in general,” she opined in the profile. “Now we can go to forums and see what customers are looking for, reactions to products, what others are doing in the same space. We do surveys, and also have many celebrities endorsing products. It has made the industry a bit more mainstream.”Siddhartha has helped lead innovation in the industry, and the company said that her contributions are much appreciated.“Anjani has been a massive asset to the company and the industry as a whole,” Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman said. “Her artistic skill is unparalleled, and we’re so glad Playboy recognized that.”

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Veteran Doc Johnson Artist Profiled on Playboy’s Website | AVN

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