plusOne Introduces New, Powerful Vibrating Wand to Consumers

NEWTON, Mass.—plusOne, one of the country’s top pleasure product brands, is ascending to new heights during the COVID-19 lockdown, selling more of its sexual wellness devices than ever before—and that includes the company’s debut of its super-charged newest addition, the Vibrating Wand, to Target stores. As interest in affordable pleasure vibes surges, plusOne is positioning itself as one of the fastest-growing sexual wellness brands in the industry. It’s also ranked #1 in units and sales dollars, with 56.6 percent of the category share (according to Nielsen data), and it’s all thanks to top sellers such as the Dual Vibrating Massager, Personal Massager, Vibrating Bullet and Mini Massager. “During the peak of the coronavirus lockdown in the U.S., the sales of some plusOne items spiked as much as 121 percent in comparison to January and February, before the stay-at-home orders,” said company founder Jamie Leventhal. “Throughout the pandemic, our team fought like hell to keep production running in order to meet growing consumer demand. “plusOne is at the forefront of democratizing sexual wellness, eliminating taboos, and emphasizing the health aspects of masturbation and orgasms by providing quality stress relief at a fair price during a time when sexual self-care products have evolved from a typically luxury and pleasure perspective into more of a wellness necessity. Self-care is an essential necessity,” added Leventhal. “Masturbation is well-known to help reduce stress and promote better sleep, both of which are crucial during isolation, whether you are battling COVID-19 anxiety, insomnia or homeschooling is driving parents crazy.” The new plusOne Vibrating Wand is now available at Target stores nationwide and on, with additional retailers coming aboard soon. Those interested may visit to learn more about the company’s growing selection of products and availability.

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: plusOne Introduces New, Powerful Vibrating Wand to Consumers | AVN

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