Magic Wand Announces Winners of Its Birthday Contest

NAPA, Calif.—On May 20, the Magic Wand turned 52, and Vibratex, the official distributor for the Magic Wand Original, Magic Wand Plus, and Magic Wand Rechargeable, spent Magic Wand’s birthday month celebrating on social media with contests and other fun opportunities with which to engage its customers and fans. But with birthday month behind it, Vibratex is now announcing the winners of its birthday contest and sharing a montage video honoring each person who took the time to show this favorite toy some love. “We were touched by the amount of creative energy people put into this birthday contest,” said Vibratex owner and vice president Shay Martin. “It was amazing to see where different people took the same single piece of inspiration. Each message was truly unique and special.” Magic Wand’s birthday shoutout contest ran on Instagram during May at @truemagicwand. Friends, fans, and curious but supportive strangers were all invited to share their birthday shoutouts with the hashtag #magicwandbirthday for a chance to win one of three wands. The randomly selected winners were @sastover17, who won a Magic Wand Plus on May 15, and @keesa_slaysallday, who won a Magic Wand Original on May 22. Vibratex had originally planned to name only one single Grand Finale winner whose shoutout was determined to be the company’s absolute favorite. There were too many amazing entries, however, so it elected to announce three lucky recipients of a Magic Wand Rechargeable on May 29: @naturally_nish, @amymarieletitbe, and @dominadoll. “It was so difficult to pick a winner! One of the very first shoutouts we received was, in our mind, the most amazing,” said Nicole Rosselli, Vibratex’s controller. “We knew right off that her message was our absolute favorite, so we had to offer more prizes in order to share the love.” In an effort to honor everyone who took the time out to celebrate Magic Wand’s 52nd birthday, Vibratex created the following montage video, which can be viewed on Instagram here. The video is also available on YouTube here.

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Magic Wand Announces Winners of Its Birthday Contest | AVN

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