‘Tiger King’ Parody ‘Cougar Queen’ Is A Girlsway June Release

MONTREAL, QC—Tiger King fans will only have to wait a few more days before Girlsway.com, the all-girl site from streaming giant Adult Time, presents the release of an up-ROAR-iously funny new three-part series, “Cougar Queen: A Tiger King Parody”. Based on the wildly-popular documentary series Tiger King, each episode chronicles, documentary-style, the chaotic lives of three lesbian porn company owners locked in a years-long bitter rivalry. Their scandalous stories unfold through interviews with former friends and business acquaintances, who share their experiences about these women’s sordid personal lives. “Cougar Queen” spotlights the exploits of Jill Erotic, an over-the-top porn mogul whose wild behavior and vindictive nature sparks a feud that lands her in jail. Her arch-nemeses Cheryl and Holly Badsin are “ethical” porn bosses with hypocritical business practices and a shady past, and Dot Scandal, who harbors jealousy towards Jill and Cheryl’s media attention and resents being left out of their rivalry. The series is a groundbreaking new endeavor for the Adult Time studio and its Chief Creative Officer and director Bree Mills, as the Tiger King spoof is the first of its kind to be produced virtually. “Our creative team has always been interested in mockumentaries as a comedy style and, after watching Tiger King, we felt very inspired!” said Mills. “The script is hilarious, and I can’t wait for Girlsway fans to see the one lesbian parody they never thought they needed!” Girlsway will also release a full-length (45-60 minute) SFW Cougar Queen version via Adult Time’s official YouTube channel at YouTube.com/adulttimecom. “Cougar Queen: A Tiger King Parody” is set for release at Girlsway.com and AdultTime.com, home to one of the most extensive catalogs of award-winning content, with access to more than 200 channels, 60,000 scenes and 5 or more new releases per day, all with one subscription.

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: ‘Tiger King’ Parody ‘Cougar Queen’ Is A Girlsway June Release | AVN

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