Sofiya Alexandra Launches Debut Comedy Album for Father’s Day

LOS ANGELES—Sofiya Alexandra has daddy issues. The comic, who “is a woman without a Dad,” has released her new album for Father’s Day, June 21st called Father’s Day. In addition to being dadlless, she says she’s a Russian immigrant, a feminist, a hip-hop fan, and a bi-sexual. She calls herself “half Jewish and half abandoned,” and says, “You know he left early when you only have one daddy issue.” The album, a compilation of recorded comedy club stand-up performances, discusses relationships, including Melania and Donald’s relationship, which she describes as “a beautiful love story about a man and his prey.” She notes, “That was back when women didn’t realize they could marry someone who was both rich and hot.”   In addition to her album, her other fun merch includes daily emailed illustrated jokes, the “Dad For you Hotline” that will help people with no Dad fill that Dad hole in their heart. Call 855-DAD-4-YOU to hear: Dad telling you he’s proud of you, Dad accepting your sexuality, Dad yelling at you for wrecking the car, Dad disapproving of who you’re dating, and six more valuable Dad services. With Dad, of course, being Sofiya. And her fashion item includes the “Daddy Issues” hoop earrings with the words spelled out in script because “trauma deserves bling.”  Check it out here. To see her comedy routine on Comedy Central, she reports from the hospital room where her grandfather is having sudden schlong surgery. “When your dick is 86 years old,” sometimes the foreskin grows and closes it shut,” she reports. The “dick situation” was soon upgraded to an “emergency dick situation,” which caused her to accidentally get a glimpse of Grampa’s balls, which were so “huge,” she wondered if he “stuffed them with other balls.” Watch it here. For more sex comedy, Sofiya, along with co-host Courtney Kocak, recorded the 25th episode of “Private Parts Unknown,” a “travel and sex” podcast. In this episode the two recount their ridiculous trip to get a “handy” at an “erotic massage parlour” for girls. Their blow-by-blow descriptions of their “sex tourism” is funny as they describe their massage boy as being cute and wearing lipgloss, and note that he had to audition for the massage boy gig along with 2,000 other aspiring erotic massage boys. They noted that the massage boy “gently” rubbed his boner against them a couple of times while giving the massage, but that it was a “respectful boner.”   Find more of Alexandra online at; and on Twitter at @TheSofiya and Instagram at @TheSofiya.

written by: Anka Radakovich

source: Sofiya Alexandra Launches Debut Comedy Album for Father’s Day | AVN

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