Shine Louise Houston’s ‘Chemistry Eases the Pain’ Debuts Online

CYBERSPACE—San Francisco-based Pink and White Productions will host the online premiere of its newest feature, Chemistry Eases the Pain, during Pride weekend at 7 p.m. PT on Saturday, June 27 on To watch the free screening, visit or click here. The online premiere, which includes a Q&A with director Shine Louise Houston and stars Lotus Lain and Logan Pierce, replaces a year of cancelled festival dates. “At first I was really disappointed that an in-person film premiere on the festival circuit was not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings,” Lain said. “But after a few months of various virtual parties and meetings, I am so excited for the film to potentially reach more people that might not have logistically been able to attend an in-person screening before.” The “straight-curious” movie delves into bisexual representation from the perspective of a staunchly lesbian-identified young woman of color. “My films keep getting more personal,” said Houston of her recent work. “The things I write are increasingly more personal. That’s happening because I’m getting more comfortable as a filmmaker.” Shot over the course of seven days in San Francisco and Oakland, the dark romantic comedy features a star-studded cast that includes Lain, Logan Pierce and Mona Wales, and supporting cast Emperatrix, Valentine, Nicki Honey, Jack Strano, James Darling and industry icon Nina Hartley. Chemistry Eases the Pain gathered attention last year when it raised more than $25,000 on IndieGoGo to support its creation. “I’m so incredibly impressed with the crew behind this production,” Lain said. “The level of thoughtfulness that went into each aspect of filming, from script concept, to scheduling, to record keeping, to authentic costuming—Shine’s team just blew my mind for what is possible in adult films.” The event is free for the site’s “PinkLabel PLUS” members. Subscriptions start at $25 per month. Gift cards are available to send to friends. Coupon code “CHEMISTRY15” is offered for 15 percent off new subscriptions. Site members may enjoy unlimited access to a curated collection with hundreds of award-winning independent adult titles, including Houston’s previous shorts and features. For more information visit or follow Pink and White Productions and Shine Louise Houston on Twitter @PinkWhite and @ShineLouise. Pictured: Lotus Lain

written by: Allen Smithberg

source: Shine Louise Houston’s ‘Chemistry Eases the Pain’ Debuts Online | AVN

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