Rebecca More Debuts Own YouTube Channel

CYBERSPACE—Rebecca More’s hardly a stranger to the adult business, having joined in late 2010 and worked for a variety of well-known companies both in the States and abroad—but in 2018, she became something of an internet meme when she and her co-star Sophie Anderson were dubbed “The Cock Destroyers” after having appeared in non-sex roles in several scenes with that monicker for She has since become something of an icon among the LBGTQ community, with many of her fans reportedly lip syncing to the crude dialogue from her videos. But More has now teamed with AVN Award-winning director Dick Bush to start her own YouTube Channel—and the pair’s first offering is a trailer that promises comedy sketches, reaction videos, celebrity interviews, podcasts and a few surprises—featuring The Cock Destroyers. The first video being teased will arrive on Sunday exclusively for her Patreon supporters, and is described as an “Interview With President Donald Trump.” People can join her Patreon here to vote for what videos she makes next, as well as to see behind the scenes of her work on the channel, and to join in exclusive Q&A livestreams. Rebecca More’s YouTube channel can be found here.  

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Rebecca More Debuts Own YouTube Channel | AVN

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