Ram Gopal Varma Releases Teaser for 2nd Mia Malkova Collaboration

LOS ANGELES—Two years after starring in an erotic film by one of India’s most controversial directors Ram Gopal Varma — a film that actually led to Varma’s police booking on obscenity charges — 2014 AVN Best New Starlet winner Mia Malkova is back for a second collaboration with the Bollywood filmmaker. The trailer for the film, Climax, was released online Friday. Though the opening line of the trailer reads, “In these terrible times of lockdown…” Varma gave no indication whether the film was shot before India went into its coronavirus shutdown phase on March 24. But Malkova and a costar are clearly not practicing social distancing in the film, indicating that shooting was likely completed prior to the current global pandemic crisis. Varma described the film as “a scary action-packed thriller set in a desert,” according to the International Business Times, which noted that the new movie treats fans to ample footage of Malkova “flaunting her flexibility and hotness in the sand.” The director also teased the film on his Twitter account earlier this week, sharing on-set photos of, as he wrote, Malkova “soaking in my directorial instructions for a tense sequence in the action thriller Climax.”  In another tweet, Varma described Malkova as “a director’s actress unbelievably professional in her dedication towards doing justice to my vision.” He also descibed her acting abilities as “AWESOME.” Producing porn — though not consuming it — remains illegal in India. When Varma and Malkova collaborated on their 2018 film God, Sex and Truth: A Philosophical Treatise of Mia Malkova, the director said that filming had taken place in Europe.  But when rumors surfaced that they had actually filmed scenes for the video in a Hyderabad, India, luxury hotel, police in that Indian city booked Varma on obscenity charges. Those charges appear to have stalled. Though Varma has not yet announced a date for the full film’s release, a second trailer for Climax is expected to be released online Monday, May 18.  Photo by Ram Gopal Varma YouTube Screen Capture 

written by: Michael French

source: Ram Gopal Varma Releases Teaser for 2nd Mia Malkova Collaboration | AVN

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