PinkLabel Streams Mockumentary ‘The Sad Girls of the Mountains’

SAN FRANCISCO—Pink and White Productions is now streaming German feminist porn mockumentary The Sad Girls of the Mountains (“Die Traurigen Mädchen Aus Den Bergen”) on its indie adult platform PinkLabel.TV. The movie is available here. Subtitled in English, Sad Girls tells the story of a clan of four young women in Germany who have retreated to a hut in the distant mountains to turn their backs on the world. They celebrate their sadness as an act of resistance against patriarchy and finance their isolated existence through homemade pornography which they sell online. They donate some of their money to support Kurdish female militias in purchasing weapons. But just when everything seems to be going fine, the arrival of two “gonzo” reporters threatens to upset the fragile balance of this feminist micro-utopia. To see the trailer, click here. The Sad Girls of the Mountains premiered at festivals including the PornFilmFestival Berlin, where it was awarded Best Narrative Feature. “We had several more festival and theater screenings booked when COVID-19 came and everything was cancelled. So, we are glad that at least people can watch the film online now!” said the movie’s co-creator, Candy Flip. The festival premiere for Sad Girls coincided with a staged “protest” and the release of the Sad Girls’ online porn clips, documented on Instagram and Twitter. When asked how the Sad Girls are coping with self-isolation during COVID-19, Flip replied that they are “not too sad that all their screenings have been cancelled because public events are often stressful for depressed and socially anxious people like them. During lock-down they sometimes feel a strange relief, as if the corset of societal requirements was loosened for a bit. But then they remember that too many people still have to work under even worse conditions and that the crisis hits those hardest who have been marginalized before—which makes them cry again.” She added: “We’ve been working with PinkLabel.TV before, it is one of our favorite hosting platforms! They make it so easy and comfortable for independent filmmakers like us to offer their work to a broad audience.” To learn more, visit

written by: Allen Smithberg

source: PinkLabel Streams Mockumentary ‘The Sad Girls of the Mountains’ | AVN