Lena Moon Talks ‘Tranimals’

LOS ANGELES—After topping the annual Transgender Erotica Awards in May, taking home three honors, multi-talented director-producer-performer Lena Moon is back with a new release through Evil Angel, Tranimals — released on July 1. And like her previous release, TransNasty, this one is entirely a Moon creation, right down to the checkbook. In other words, Moon paid for the production out of her own pocket. At a time when too many porn performers struggle to make ends meet, Moon says “the return is much greater in more ways than one,” when she puts up her own cash for a production. “Simply put, I want to own my movies. They are my creative babies,” Moon told AVN. “When it is all on my dime, I feel more free to take them in the direction I want and am able make executive decisions independently on anything from wardrobe to the angles of my shots. When you own the movies, they truly are yours and you care so much more about them for that reason.” At the same time, staking her own bank account on her films is an extension of the belief in herself that she says has led to her success in the industry. As AVN has perviously reported, just four years ago, Moon lived in upstate New York — in her car, as she battled substance abuse issues, as well a deep sense that her life lacked purpose. “Taking responsibility for my actions was what ultimately helped me climb out of the rut,” she says, adding that while she is not proud of that dark period in her life, she believes that going through those experiences was “ultimately helpful.”  “I would say my climb was a matter of sink or swim. Things were not always easy for me at the beginning of my career and even before that, though my own lack of direction and self-confidence were a big part of that,” she says. “It was easy back then to shake my fists at the heavens and blame the universe for my problems.” Her new work stars herself, as well as Ella Hollywood, Jessy Bells, Natalie Mars, Sarina Valentina, and Hell4slootz. According to a description on the Evil Angel site, where the 159-minute film is now available for online viewing, Moon “brings a resplendent cast of trans beauties to the country for some fun, freaky, agriculture-themed filth. The girls wear lurid livestock costumes to get off on preening cocks, back field plowing, butthole gaping and messy enemas — the sort of rural behavior city folks just don’t get.” But the creation of Tranimals entailed “a lot of chaos and randomness” that Moon says actually became essential to the final product. “There were so many last-minute cancellations, changes and moments of sheer coincidence that made the movie so special and wild as it is. It was every misstep and moment of chaos that made it as batshit insane as it ended up being. It couldn’t have been the movie it became without such nonsense,” Moon told AVN. “It’s a very cinematic movie, despite how utterly filthy and over the top it can be. I’ve never worked harder on anything in my life!” In addition to owning her finished products, and assuming full responsibility for how they come out, and how they are produced, Moon’s philosophy of maintaining control also guarantees that what fans see on their screens is as much a reflection of herself as erotic entertainment. “We all love authenticity, and to laugh, so I try to be as authentic to the stuff I love while injecting my own sense of humor into everything I do,” she says. “I would say my films appeal most to those who are into the theatrical side of porn. I try to keep it nasty but love to add humor and drama along the way.” Though Moon holds the distinction of being the first trans director of an Evil Angel film, she says that she hopes fans will see more than that obviously significant achievement in her movies. “I wanted my movies to actually be effortful, and for people to actually watch them of course!” she exclaims. “I don’t like when people say ‘it’s just porn.’ It’s a huge creative outlet for me as well!” Photo Courtesy of Lena Moon

written by: Lawrence Avery

source: Lena Moon Talks ‘Tranimals’ | AVN