Las Vegas’ Erotic Heritage Museum Will Reopen On May 22

LAS VEGAS, NV—Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum has announced that it will reopen on May 22, 2020, and at that time will be implementing strict COVID-19 protocols for all visitors and employees. Using the latest CDC pandemic guidelines for people meeting in public spaces, Las Vegas’ sex-positive institution of study, exhibition, lectures, and events is in solidarity with the rest of the entertainment mecca. The new museum protocols to be followed include: Clear and frequent markers across museum floors advising appropriate social distancing. Museum disinfected every 24 hours; “high touch surfaces” cleaned once an hour. Guests offered free disposable masks at the south and north entry doors, as well as the front counter. Hand sanitizer will also be available throughout the venue with hand soap in guest bathrooms. Counters employing cough guards. Non-invasive yet mandatory temperature checks of all guests at the ticket counter. Guests with temperatures of over 100.4F (38C) will be asked to leave the venue and seek medical attention. All museum staffers will be wearing masks, with their temperatures taken each day before reporting to work. Staffers who feel ill or have COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home until symptoms clear, or they obtain a negative COVID-19 test from a physician’s office or testing site. Reduction of museum maximum capacity to no more than fifty (50) visitors per hour. Reduction in the museum’s operating hours; until further notice, those hours will be Monday-Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.. “Admittedly, we want to get back to work, as does all of Las Vegas, all of the world,” Dr. Victoria Hartmann, EHM’s Director, stated. “But we do not, nor would we ever, risk the health of the public in doing so. As an institution priding ourselves on the study, and science of human interaction, we are certainly aware of how pervasive and dangerous the current pandemic is. But we feel that by adhering to the CDC’s protocols for the foreseeable future, we can open our doors, like many of our fellow Las Vegas businesses, while ensuring the safety of our visitors, and the public at large.” The museum’s residency show “Puppetry Of The Penis,” and its weekly “The Art Of Naked Yoga,” will resume when further restrictions are lifted. To contact the Erotic Heritage Museum, including location rental inquiries, workshop rates, upcoming events, and more,  email or visit The EHM may also be followed on Twitter and Facebook, where an interactive Events Calendar shares all upcoming events and information on how to purchase tickets.

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Las Vegas’ Erotic Heritage Museum Will Reopen On May 22 | AVN