Kyler Quinn On Career, Animals, What’s Next

LOS ANGELES—Kyler Quinn keeps what she’s doing in perspective, staying grounded as her profile rises. The native of Casa Grande, Ariz., who debuted in porn in August 2018, already has more than 150 performing credits, including 40-something in 2020 alone despite an industry-wide shutdown that was headed into its third month at press time. To say there is an increasing demand for Quinn’s services would be an understatement. “I try to stay humble with it because like I don’t like being all up in my head thinking that I’m all good,” Quinn says. “Once people let things go to their head they don’t care as much. “Every time I show up to set I consider it like as if I’m walking into a 9-to-5 job. I’m here to perform the best. I’m here to do the best work I can do.” The 22-year-old performer, represented by Hussie Models, has become a go-to girl for dozens of producers in Porn Valley, racking up multiple credits for frontline studios such as Vixen Media Group, Deeper, Nubiles, Team Skeet, Devil’s Film, Reality Kings,, Hustler and Evil Angel—and that’s just this year. “I look at it like I’ve shot for a lot of companies, but I can always shoot for them again and make a better video than I did the first time,” Quinn tells AVN. “There’s always improvement in anything that you do. And then everyone’s body changes a lot and different looks come around. I am very proud of all the work that I’ve done.” The fans of adult entertainment appreciate Quinn’s alluring look and professional approach, too. In fact at press time she had amassed almost 131,000 followers on Twitter and another 133,000-plus on Instagram as her scenes continued to release regularly during the quarantine. “I had I think three scenes just this week,” Quinn jokes. “I’m like, ‘Oh, OK.’ I feel like a lot more people know who Kyler Quinn is this year than last year. And there’s a lot of people that know me for my paw print tattoos. I just have like my look, I guess, is what people are getting to know me for.” Quinn was born about 50 miles south of Phoenix and then lived in Kansas before moving back to her hometown before high school. “Casa Grande is where I was mainly raised. I went from a little town with 1000 people in Kansas to Casa Grande, which my graduation class had like 3000 people in it. So it was kind of a shock. But at the same time, everybody was really nice. And it just was automatically home for me,” she says. She graduated in three years. “I was one of those nerdy kids,” Quinn admits. “I went to college classes while I was in high school and I was constantly doing something.” She developed her work ethic as a teen, holding down two jobs—at a sandwich shop called Eeegee’s and another restaurant called Robson Ranch Grill, where she was a hostess, busser and food-runner. “I didn’t get to waitressing because you had to be 19 and I wasn’t yet. So I did everything but serve alcohol,” she says. An animal lover who someday would like to become a veterinarian, Quinn went from the restaurant biz to a job at The Pet Club. “It’s a store where you buy any pet supplies you can think of. So I loved that job just because I love animals so much. And then I went from that to babysitting. And then I joined porn,” Quinn adds. Now a resident of both Arizona and L.A., Quinn started doing nude modeling after accompanying her friend to amateur photoshoots eventually led to her experimenting herself. “So I would go with her to some photoshoots and the photographers got me to take my clothes off. And so my friend ended up posting a picture of me and her nude,” Quinn explains. It was Ryan, an agent for Hussie Models, who spotted one of Quinn’s photos on social media. “And then he is the one that convinced me that I would make a killing doing this. And he sent me to [Hussie owner] Riley,” she says. Quinn was 18-and-a-half and still resided in Arizona. “I was actually living with my dad and I was babysitting my sister and on the weekends when he was home from work was when I would go out with my friends and take photos and he had no idea what I was doing,” she says. “Yeah, he wasn’t very happy when he found out.” “Then when I was 19 is kind of when I decided to take it all the way,” adds Quinn. She performed her first scene in Arizona and then went to Florida for two weeks. “And I filmed most all of my new content out there,” says Quinn, who had 20-something shoots cancelled due the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. She says her success in porn has changed her for the better. “I’ve been more confident in myself,” Quinn says. “I’d say self confidence is something that I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning. Like being proud of myself, being proud of my body. I know how to show off myself now—and just like always smiling I’ve noticed helps a lot.” She says her animals “are like everything to me.” “I have two turtles. I have three geckos. I have a dog. I have two cats—my house is like a zoo,” Quinn jokes. “So animals are like my life; they bring me happiness. And so being able to sit there and work on animals and help them feel better is always going to be a dream job of mine. So I’m working on going back to school right now and getting into online classes.” Quinn keeps her turtles in two 75-gallon fish tanks. “They eat very messy but they’re fun to watch. And right now I’m building a pond, like I’m digging a huge hole in my backyard to hopefully have one of them outside,” she says. “They have such big personalities. I’ll walk up to the tank and one of them thinks that they’re going to get fed all the time. So she’s like, ‘Where’s my food?’ The other one’s like, ‘Oh, I know you’re not gonna feed me. I’m just gonna sit here.’ They’re funny. They’re completely different. They’re just like dogs, but like in the water.” She also maintains a terrarium in her living room. “So it’s like a live ecosystem for the geckos,” Quinn explains. “It’s really cool just to look in there and be able to see like the crickets and the other things in there. It’s just really cool to see a living ecosystem inside your house.” When the industry opens up again Quinn says she’ll be ready to get back to business. “Yeah, I don’t plan on retiring any time soon. I plan on still filming for quite a while, and I enjoy it. So why not do something that I enjoy?” she says. Photos courtesy of Vixen Media Group

written by: Dan Miller

source: Kyler Quinn On Career, Animals, What’s Next | AVN

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