Kayla Green On Performing Career, Traveling, Quarantine

A version of this feature appears in the July issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition. LOS ANGELES—Kayla Green explored Asia in 2019, visiting Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong and finding out what she loves in the process. “I’m in love with the food,” Green admits. “I eat almost with chopsticks. When this quarantine is finished I’m going to fly to Seoul and to Tokyo. I love it there.” The stunning performer from Moscow, Russia, spent a lot of time in Malaysia last year—and also was involved in a relationship with a Chinese man—so she was on a hiatus from shooting porn. “I quit for one year basically,” she says. “I came back in November.” Green says it was during her travels through the Far East that she realized she would like to produce and perform in as much adult content featuring Asian men as she can going forward. “I would love to start this,” Green says. “It’s very interesting for me, but I can’t find male performers.” She has used her Instagram and Twitter to try to recruit Asian male porn talent, but thus far hasn’t found many willing candidates who are in her neighborhood. She has resided in Budapest, Hungary, for the past 15 years.  Green notes that porn is restricted in China, making it impossible to shoot, but the possibilities in Japan are much better. “I was talking to a Japanese production to go to Japan to shoot but with this coronavirus it’s catastrophic,” Green says, adding that she wants to possibly transition to behind the camera after she furthers the genre by performing in more scenes herself. “I don’t have any experience. I’ve had a lot of time now in quarantine to think,” she says. “So I’m just kind of figuring it out how to be better… I was talking to the guys in Asia, asking them, ‘What’s your opinion?’ And they said it’s an amazing idea. The people out of the porn they’re like [telling me], ‘Don’t give it up.’” Green, who made her porn debut eight years ago and has almost 160 performing credits, indicated during this interview in late April that she had been in quarantine for more than two months. “I was in Italy at the beginning of February. And I came back on the day that they announced that they started to have some issues,” Green says. “Everything’s fine thankfully. I know that in May it’s going to be a more easy situation in Hungary and Europe. … I never stay at this home for such a long time. Usually I travel and come back staying maximum two weeks at home.” When the quarantine ends she hopes to return to Asia and L.A. this year. “I thought maybe I go to Asia and then after Asia I go to America or to do it opposite. There are two solutions, two possibilities,” she says. Green moved from Moscow to Czech Republic when she was 19, living there for a year before settling down in Hungary. “So I speak four languages: Russian, Hungarian, English and Czech,” she says. She studied chemical biology in school and was going to become a doctor—many of her classmates went into the medical profession. “My parents, they decided to not put me to the medical university and I went to economic university in Moscow,” Green says. “But the thing with the universities I’m so unlucky because I was on the second year already. I moved to Czech Republic and they don’t have this program that I needed my second year. So I entered a new university there.” Green is also a makeup artist and hairdresser. “I never thought about being in porn or something,” she says. “For me it was like, ‘Oh my gosh, no, how can I do that? This is not appropriate.” But in December 2012 during a trip back to Moscow, things changed. “I met my friends there—two guys—and somehow we had sex—a threesome. And one guy when he came he just sat and he watched me and other guy having sex. And in Russian we have a phrase, I will translate it in English: ‘Porn is crying for you.’ It means like you need to do the porn,” Green says. “And after that I came back to Hungary and I started to search some agencies. But agencies for glamour photo shooting, so just boobs. I googled it and found Brill Babes…I came there and was talking to the agent and filled the form what I am doing. Of course I was not doing any porn shooting, only shoot with boobs and everything. “But one year after I said let’s try this somehow. I don’t know why I changed so drastically but I changed my mind. That’s how it started. My first scene was an online stream to America. It was two boys and two girls. When I saw this scene I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. You don’t know how to move. You don’t know how to talk, like act on camera.’” But she learned fast. “With that I start to get more shootings… I’m very critical to myself as well, so if I watch my movies I watch it from a different point of view then just from porn… the voice, the facial expression, the body, to learn from myself what I can do better the next,” Green explains. It took her several tries over three years starting in 2015, but finally she came to America in 2018 thanks to Brazzers contract stud Keiran Lee. It was Lee, according to Green, who texted ATMLA owner Mark Schechter about Green. “Keiran Lee helped me. He texted Mark and Mark said, ‘Yeah, tell her to email me.’ So I’m very grateful to Keiran,” Green says. “He doesn’t know that it’s because of his help. It’s because of his text to Mark. I was thinking when I see him in person. But I didn’t see him at AVN. And when I was in 2018 in America we were supposed to meet and I would of course tell him or somehow or I don’t know, call him for dinner to say thanks or something like that. But we had no opportunity.” Green performed a scene called “Pool’s Rules” with Lee in 2015. “I love him; he’s a very good guy,” she says. “Then after that my career started to go up.” The 36-year-old performer says her favorite part of doing porn is “the preparation.” “On my way to set, when I’m in makeup. When I speak to the director, like, ‘Which character do you want me to play?’ I like acting. I like the comedy before sex. I like that. And I like very much this Bree Mills’ site, PureTaboo. They have a lot of acting there before the sex. So I watched only the acting part,” she reveals. “It’s amazing because I love horror and thriller movies and what she’s doing is amazing.” Green says she told Mills as much when she saw her at a party in 2018. “I told her she was doing an amazing job. It would be also a dream for me to work for PureTaboo,” Green continues. “But I know she has a list of performers waiting.” One of the Green’s signatures is her beautiful body art—she reveals her tattoos are inspired by Japanese culture. “So this arm it’s like flowers mostly and the water you see. And I have koi here—it gives luck by the Asian culture. Koi went against the river and he reached the gate and he became a dragon. “It means that you have strength to swim against the water. My back, it’s Japanese geisha. Everybody knows that geishas they are very educated. They’re learning music, how to dance, how to do the tea ceremonies and everything. “So they’re basically educated to accompany man and make a pleasure for the man. That’s why I have geisha because I have the same vision.” When she isn’t working, Green likes to do gardening. “I like to be in nature because it gives me more… I recharge, like energy. Planting some flowers,” Green says, adding that she is also interested in the study of the mind. “Psychology and psychiatry… Sometimes I’m listening to lectures of this and that. Different people’s relationship or a relationship in the family.” She also has studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how it relates to body language and colors. “I find it interesting,” she says. Photography courtesy of Kayla Green

written by: Dan Miller

source: Kayla Green On Performing Career, Traveling, Quarantine | AVN

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