Jasmin.com Goes Influencer Based; Pamela Anderson Tapped

LAS VEGAS — Jasmin.com, one of the web’s longest-running cam sites, has pivoted its direction and added mainstream lifestyle influencers and personalities to its mix. With the portal’s relaunch, Pamela Anderson has joined the site in the role of creative director and will appear daily on Jasmin.com. The iconic mainstream actress and model will host regular virtual conversations with experts in the fields of relationships, intimacy, and sex positivity, as well as work with Jasmin’s executive team on new initiatives designed to enhance the user experience. “Jasmin is the first lifestyle-oriented interactive mobile and desktop platform which enables the public to pay to interact with over 300 influencers and personalities via text, video chats and direct messaging on topics they collectively care about most,” said Karoly Papp, CEO and co-founder of Jasmin.com and sister site LiveJasmin.com. “At Jasmin, the influencers make the rules. They determine what they want to talk about, who they want to communicate with, and how much they want to charge.” Jasmin.com’s relaunch is the result of an internal study of LiveJasmin users that revealed that 70 percent of webcam visitors were only having conversations with the site’s models to “alleviate loneliness, rather than engaging in sexual activity.” “We were stunned to realize just how much people simply wanted to engage in meaningful conversations with LiveJasmin’s models and realized we needed to provide this audience with a forum that allowed them to do so,” Papp said. “We launched Jasmin to help foster human connections around shared common interests. “Incorporating influencers, experts, and personalities who are passionate about fitness, well-being, relationships, dating, intimacy and sex positivity is a natural fit for our audience who are looking to engage around these issues.” Papp said that Jasmin has tapped actress, model and transgender activist Carmen Carrera; sexologist, author and relationship authority Nikki Goldstein; social psychologist and author Justin Lehmiller; and sex expert, author and intimacy coach Stephen de Wit to develop original content and address topics such as relationships, dating and body positivity with users. They will also engage with members in live chats, post videos, and participate in roundtables with Anderson and others within the Jasmin community, he said. Additional experts and personalities will be added in the coming months. Papp noted that to better understand the societal impacts of webcamming and other adult-oriented digital platforms, Jasmin commissioned researchers from the famed Kinsey Institute at Indiana University to conduct the world’s first survey examining the relationship between the use of sex technology and emotional connection. In a study of 8,000 people, Kinsey scientists found that sex tech users reported feeling both sexually and emotionally connected to their virtual partners, he said. Specifically, 68 percent of webcam visitors revealed that they received emotional support from a cam model, and 66 percent felt a sense of emotional closeness to them.  

written by: Rhett Pardon

source: Jasmin.com Goes Influencer Based; Pamela Anderson Tapped | AVN

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