Jacquie & Michel Elite Announces ‘Jacky’ Parody

LOS ANGELES—The Jacquie & Michel Elite Studio, which garnered three nominations at the 2020 AVN Awards, has once again revealed its taste for cinema with the release of Jacky, a Hollywood-inspired fiction. Under the guidance of Luka and Ludovic Dekan, authors of numerous acclaimed pieces, the new movie riffs on the genre of the psychological thriller genre, depicting the penetrating portrait of a freakish soul mentally tormented by his sexual urges. According to a plot synopsis supplied by the company, in the ill-famed ghetto of a sun-deprived metropolis, a sad clown uses laughter as the last stand against the deep absurdity of our world. Devoured by urges as immature as they are irrepressible, the very disturbed William makes himself up as his own alter ego, Jacky the clown, the quintessence of deviant virility. Between fantasy and reality, Jacky gives in to the sexual frenzy that consumes him, taking his revenge against those who made him a circus freak. Star Vince Karter gives a troubling performance characterized by burlesque despair, but the feature never forgets to be kinky, showing the best of what European performers can offer. Pascal White plays a perverted circus mogul, Lucy Heart stars as a sadistic succubus, Emma Klein as a lurid television host and Jay Snakes plays a manly entertainer whom women can’t resist. This top-flight casting is completed by the talented Florane Russell and Stacy Bloom, two Slav beauties who fight over the hero in a threesome made of sheer sensuality. The production company spared no expense to set the action in outstanding scenery that well conveys the plot’s insanity-filled atmosphere, from the derelict subway tunnel Jacky uses as his own depraved haven, to the TV set where no excess is forbidden, all backgrounded by the cut-throat alleys of a disenchanted megalopolis. To get a real feel for the complexity that is Jacky, the studio has provided a tantalizing and enigmatic teaser, but to see the full feature, potential viewers will have to log onto JacquieetMichelElite.com, or for French TV viewers, wait for Saturday, June 20, on the Canal+ channel. As a production partner of the movie, the network will broadcast it at midnight, offering a night of sexual craziness to its subscribers, in the company of the most wicked clown of cinema. Okay; to quote the Bard, who’s ready to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Jacquie & Michel Elite Announces ‘Jacky’ Parody | AVN

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