HotMovies Revamps Performer Database to Include Non-Binary Gender

CYBERSPACE—Adult video-on-demand site has decided to revamp its database to more accurately reflect a broader spectrum of performers and consumers. With public discourse helping to educate people that gender is not binary, HotMovies has created a new non-binary gender designation for its database of performers. The new category will appear alongside male, female and trans. “Adding a non-binary gender classification to our database of adult performers is an important step in the right direction for two reasons,” noted Judy Hologram, director of social media for HotMovies. “For starters, our users will now have more accurate information about some of their favorite stars. Secondly, it recognizes and affirms the diverse spectrum of identities that exist within the community of adult performers. I’m excited to start the process of updating our star listings, and look forward to seeing how HotMovies will grow to be more inclusive in the future.” HotMovies believes that every variety of human sexuality should be treated with equal respect. It believes that this change is necessary in order for its customers to fully appreciate the sexual performances they are watching. “It’s a natural progression that we acknowledge the genderqueer and work to promote inclusion and understanding,” internet marketing coordinator Justin Brand stated. Performers who would like their HotMovies or GayHotMovies profiles updated for any reason may reach out via email or through their social media DMs. Those interested may follow HotMovies on Twitter @hotmovies and Instagram @hotmoviesofficial.

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: HotMovies Revamps Performer Database to Include Non-Binary Gender | AVN

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