Goddess Nikki Kit Talks New Online Game at DIYFemDom.com

LOS ANGELES—Goddess Nikki Kit says that she’s having great success with her new online “scavenger hunt.” The landing page for the game now trails only her DIYFemDom.com home page as the top-traffic draw on her site, she tells AVN. But don’t call it a “contest.” “It’s not a competition,” she says. “Everybody wins.” The object of the “Treasure Quest” game is to locate seven keys, distributed throughout her entirely self-produced website. Once her “pets” put all seven keys together, they will possess the password for a “free full-length edging JOI video.” “As soon as you tell someone there’s a free video, they want it,” says Kit, who is one of the top models on AVN Stars. Of course, she says, the video is one she has released earlier. But even her “pets” who find the password only to realize that they’ve seen the video before come away happy, she says. They’re probably getting what they’ve come to expect, and desire, from Kit, who has been practicing FemDom exclusively online for about two-and-half years and launched DIYFemDom this past spring after giving her previous site a makeover. “I tried six months of vanilla, and it was a shit show!” she laughs. “I’m just not vanilla.” At the same time, though the free video at the end of her scavenger hunt is in the JOI genre, she says her brand of FemDom philosophy goes well beyond instructing her “pets” on when and how to masturbate. Informed by her study of yoga, as well as biology and her Wiccan beliefs, Kit calls the content she offers her fans “self-improvement porn.” “I want them to dig deep into their soul, to get to know who they really are,” she says. “Then they can build their life around a new identity — their true identity.” She says that she even tells her “pets” that if they are unhappy in their lives, “if you just sit around masturbating and eating chocolate bars all day, you’ll never change.” Much of her belief system is tied, she says, to her practice of yoga, which she calls “not just an exercise,” but a spiritual practice, and one that has a direct connection to her practice of FemDom. “Yoga is about balance, and I think BDSM is about balance,” she says — meaning balance in one’s life, more than the physical balance either discipline requires. In her “pets,” that means balancing their own male identities with “female supremacy — accepting that females are supposed to be leading.” Another of Kit’s major concerns, however, is the continuing assault on digital civil liberties, in the form of legislation such as the recently proposed, bipartisan EARN IT Act, which experts say could directly imperil sex workers activities online. “The EARN IT Act is the reason I’m working so hard on my own website,” she says. “I think it’s totally feasible that social media will just kick sex workers off.” In the meantime, she remains focused on building her own following, which she says will give her the power to affect change in the future.

written by: Lawrence Avery

source: Goddess Nikki Kit Talks New Online Game at DIYFemDom.com | AVN

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