Fresh Faces: Madi Laine

A version of this feature appears in the August 2020 issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition. LOS ANGELES—Before deciding to become a porn star, Madi Laine had to address a crucial issue. Who was going to feed her goats? And what about the roosters and micro pigs—and the horses Laine washes and brushes each afternoon on her farm in northern Michigan? Who would clean their stalls during Laine’s weeklong jaunts to Los Angeles for shoots? Who would show them love? “I spend most of my time with them when I’m at home,” Laine said of her animals. “Luckily I have family that said they will take care of them when I’m gone. That makes me feel so much better. They will be in good hands.” Less than two months into her career in porn, Laine is already one of the industry’s more fascinating stories. When she wasn’t milking cows, feeding chickens or helping her father on the tractor on her parent’s farm just north of Bay City, Michigan, Laine’s childhood was spent fishing and riding horses. She also took an interest in motocross, spending countless afternoons on the track or in the nearby sand pits. And of course there was always time for a little mischief with friends from her tiny K-12 school, where she was one of 23 people in her graduating class. “Typical country life,” Laine said. “We make our own fun up here, and I love it.” Evidently. Instead of fleeing to a bigger city, Laine—shortly after her 19th birthday—purchased 3.5 acres of land just down the road from her parents’ property and built her own farm. Less than a mile from an Amish community, Laine lives off-grid, meaning she produces her own energy and electricity while growing crops such as corn, cabbage, lettuce and Carolina Reapers. The lifestyle may be fulfilling, but it’s hardly laid back and simple. Things became particularly difficult for Laine about three years ago when she was struggling to balance the duties of operating a farm with her job as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). On a rare day off from the hospital, Laine was surfing through Netflix when she happened upon a documentary about camming. “It was so out of the blue,” Laine, who was 23 at the time, said. “I thought, ‘Hey, I can do this!’ So I gave it a shot the very next day and loved it. I quit my job the following week and have been camming ever since.” Laine—who was twice a finalist for MTV’s “The Real World”—said her unorthodox background  was beneficial when she interacted with fans during her live shows. “I didn’t know what to say at first,” Laine said, “so I decided to just be myself. I told everyone about the whole farming situation. It gave me stuff to talk about while I was online. Everyone loved it because I was so different. “I gained a lot of friendships on there. I’m very isolated up here in Michigan. Camming gave me more of a social life. I can express myself and be creative and just be me. I don’t have to pretend to be anything else. I can be sexual if I want to, talkative, silly, creative. There are no limits.” Laine was quick to build a following thanks to her personality and unique backstory. But make no mistake: her stunning, modelesque body and rare form of beauty were big reasons, too. Laine’s blend of ethnicities —she’s part African-American, Irish, Thai and Native American—give her an appearance that’s unique to the adult industry. That, more than anything, is what caught the attention of Motley Models president Dave Rock when he saw Laine’s photos on Instagram.  “It’s always good to have more diversity in the industry,” Rock said. “I talked to her on the phone and her personality is just awesome. Plus, she’s got an exotic look that’s super appealing to the adult world.” Rock contacted Laine in April and offered her a contract. After three years of camming, she didn’t hesitate at the opportunity to delve into porn.  “It’s just a natural fit with the way she looks,” Rock said. “All natural, minimal tattoos, great personality … that’s the Motley brand.” Laine—who has attended the past two AVN conventions and is a big fan of Riley Reid and Ivy Wolfe—said the decision to transition into porn was easy. “I’ve always been really outgoing sexually,” Laine, who turns 26 this month, said. “I love to experiment, whether it’s with girls or guys or whoever. I’m very open.” After waiting anxiously for COVID restrictions to be lifted, Laine traveled to Los Angeles and shot her first professional scene—a boy/girl encounter—on July 19. The following day she was in a BGG threesome for the same company. Laine said any nerves she may have had were squelched when the entire crew took her and her scene partner to lunch before the first shoot. “We just talked about things other than the scene,” Laine said. “They were really interested in getting to know me. It was like we were longtime friends. It was super cool. My nerves went out the window as soon as we started the scene.” Describing the experience to AVN one week later, Laine said she felt “like a natural.” “It was amazing,” Laine said. “Obviously, the sex was awesome. The acting was great. I felt like I’d done it before. The crew was awesome and super supportive. They made it really comfortable for me.” Laine said she felt “relieved” after the scene. “Once it was over,” she said, “I felt so satisfied. I thought, ‘This is what I was meant to do.’”

written by: Austin King

source: Fresh Faces: Madi Laine | AVN