Firestarter: Nicolette Shea Featured in December AVN Magazine

Nicolette Shea is featured on the cover of the December issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition. Photography by Keith Ryan.

LOS ANGELES—Nicolette Shea stopped traffic on both coasts during a two-week span in the fall.

The bombshell performer on September 29 caused a scene in broad daylight when she danced on a cop car in Tribeca, sending onlookers scrambling for their phones to record her.

That same day in New York, wearing a burnt orange dress that barely contained her ample chest, she had guys straining their necks to get a better glimpse of her prancing across the street on her way to the pop-up exhibit, “Brazzers Backroom VHS,” at the THNK1994 Museum.

Just two weeks later at the second annual Pornhub Awards on October 11 in Los Angeles, the Brazzers contract star sparked another frenzy, bouncing and grinding on the roof of a classic Corvette Stingray outside the Orpheum before making a grand entrance wearing not much more than a black G-string bodysuit, a flowing white jacket and matching thigh-high boots with the words “Pay 4 Your Porn” inscribed in graffiti-style, neon letters.

“Every city I’m in I’m getting into trouble,” Shea jokes.


Ever since she burst onto the XXX scene in the spring of 2017—her first-ever hardcore porn performance was the most viewed scene on Brazzers that year—Shea has not done anything quietly. It’s one of the reasons why she has become one of the most popular performers in adult entertainment. At press time in mid-October, the 5-foot-10 native of Northern California—a former Playboy model and poker player—had racked up more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram and another 2.2 million on Twitter, not to mention legions of fans watching her every move on her premium Snapchat and OnlyFans accounts.

Shea won the inaugural Pornhub Award for Instagrammer of the Year in September 2018—the same month in which she became a Brazzers exclusive. Her 117 porn scenes all have been for either Brazzers or their sister sites such as Digital Playground, Reality Kings and Twistys. And the flamboyant leader of the Shea Squad also produces her own scenes for her official site,

“I’ve really enjoyed every minute of it,” Shea tells AVN. “I’ve gotten to work with a lot of extremely creative, talented people. I’ve gotten to experience a lot that I never would’ve thought I’d be able to. It’s been quite a ride.

“I’ve been blown away by the amount of love I’ve gotten from my fans and people that don’t even know me that just follow me on the internet. I’m very appreciative of the Shea Squad. I’m so thankful for them and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the love that they’ve shown me. I wouldn’t be here without them and a lot of my fans have been with me since Playboy.”


Shea at press time had performed 59 times for Brazzers alone, with many more scenes in the works—including a special one that was scheduled to be shot in November that Shea says has been highly anticipated.

“I have a lot of really big scenes coming up with Brazzers and before the end of this year we have one in particular that’s very big that I think everyone’s going to be super excited about,” she teases. “Around the time this [AVN magazine] issue comes out I think [the fans] will either have seen a preview or will know something big is coming.”

Shea continues, “We’ve been working a lot on this scene. I’ll have several wardrobe changes and we’re shooting for two days in November. One of the days we’re shooting inside a huge mansion in Vegas. The production value, the money spent, and the time and effort on this is a lot, so we want to make sure that everyone enjoys this scene.”

Shea would only reveal she is working with 2018 AVN Male Performer of the Year Markus Dupree in the top-secret production.

“I’ve always loved working with Markus,” she says. “In fact when I saw him at [the Pornhub Awards], he told me, ‘I will make sure that it’s amazing.’”

Shea in November 2018 won the Brazzers House 3 title with 410,658 fan votes, almost 50,000 more than the second-place contestant, taking home the $20,000 first prize in the reality-show style competition.

Brazzers House 3 was a big production. It is the biggest production of the year that Brazzers does cost-wise. It cost the most because there’s a lot of coordinating. There’s a ton of staff and there’s a ton of talent and then a huge location,” Shea explains.

“We filmed it in Palm Springs. It was a 10,000-square-foot mansion that we stayed in for four days. It’s a very high-energy contest because whoever wins has to out-fuck each other. It took everything in me and I was very excited to win. It was a marathon of fucking for three or four days.”

Shea adds, “Basically we fucked the whole day and the whole night, so I can’t really remember specific scenes. … We actually didn’t know when we were going to film. Guys were given the cameras and supposed to surprise everybody—in the shower, in the kitchen, in the pool. It would just erupt in sex. It was a very fun, free-spirited environment and we also had challenges throughout the day, like blindfolded challenges.

“We played a lot of games, had scavenger hunts and we did interviews. It was kind of like a spinoff of a Real World/Road Rules Challenge but with all porn actors and in a sick house. It was a really cool experience.”


When Shea isn’t working, she probably is at the gym maintaining her hard body. Once in a while the Las Vegas resident also will still take guys’ money at the poker table.

“It’s just more of a hobby. It was more of a serious hobby before,” she admits. “I miss having lots of time to play. Before I was focused on my adult career I had all the time in the world to play. Now I have a lot of places I have to be and things I have to do, and when it comes to my free time, I value it hugely.

“Sometimes I’ll go play poker, but I’m usually very chill when I have my days off because I do so much throughout the month. I spend them usually with my dog; her name is Angel.

“She has a full-time sitter that takes care of her when I go out of town. She’s always ecstatic when I come home. She’s a pitbull and I’ve had her since she was eight weeks old. She’s a Blue-Nose Pitbull, a smaller one. There were five puppies in her litter and she was half the size of everyone else. She’s only 45 pounds—black and white. She’s gorgeous, really pretty eyes. Just the sweetest. She’s almost a little bit timid and shy. She’s got a lot of personality. She’s four-and-a-half now, which I can’t believe.”

Shea also is the official spokesmodel for the Indianapolis-based TruDripCBD, a new company that is expanding its line of cannabidiol products quickly behind Shea. TruDripCBD sources product from the first certified USDA organic hemp greenhouse in Colorado, practicing bio-dynamic farming techniques and a “zero-waste” grow and production process.

A woman of many interests, Shea also enjoys flipping houses in her spare time. She specializes in the Vegas market.

“I’m really into real estate,” she says. “I’m remodeling my house and I love remodeling different places. I’m working on my next one right now. That’s eventually what I want to do.”



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