Dystopian COVID-Themed Parody ‘Pink Mirror’ Bows on Wasteland.com

MANCHESTER, N.H.—Veteran content producer Wasteland.com has announced that it is releasing the second installment in its “Sex in the Time of Pandemic Isolation” series, this entry a dystopian satire entitled Pink Mirror: A XXX Covid A.I. Thriller, starring Sicilia Ricci and co-starring studio head and director Colin Rowntree. Pink Mirror features Ricci reprising her role as Dr. Sarah Connor, a scientist with a Ph.D. in public health who works as an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. The previous installment, Sex Addiction in the Viral Age: A Corona Virus Film, introduced Sarah as a researcher with an active sex life who engages a variety of sex partners to satiate her sex addiction. This new chapter in the series takes a Black Mirror-style turn, and according to the company, it’s a parody of Amazon’s consumer home device Alexa becoming malevolent and controlling, in the plot that includes long-distance manipulation and mind-control. “In this second episode in our ‘Sex in the Time of Pandemic Isolation’ series,” said Rowntree, “we took a look at how, during social isolation, we become more and more reliant on such services as Amazon, Zoom and other platforms to provide for our needs.” For Rowntree, the natural consequence of this is “a lightening of our collective concern over how personal data, privacy and other ways such services invade our lives.” Rowntree describes Sicilia Ricci as an ideal fit for the lead in this series. “She is a laboratory Ph.D. viral immunologist researcher by day and a sex cam performer at night,” he explained. “A great combination of perspectives for her as a co-author, producer and star of these adult films, as she understands science and technology on many levels.” Ricci, a Wasteland veteran who before the pandemic starred in the studio’s George Bernard Shaw/My Fair Lady parody Fystmalion, praised the new series and her recurring role. “It was really fun to pick up from where the last film left off,” Ricci stated. “The first film in the series dealt with the socioeconomic repercussions of the pandemic as sources of income shifted in sex work for so many people. This next film in the series was a great way to highlight the dependence on technology that has been evident during this pandemic as well.” The feature explores Sarah’s transformation as she is first excited by her new Malexa device—a present from her Washington, D.C. mentor/colleague Dr. Jack Moriarty (voiced by Rowntree)—but soon becomes an unwitting puppet of its increasingly lewd, and demanding, long-distance operator. Packed with several “Easter Eggs” already familiar to Wasteland’s long-time fans and subscribers, Pink Mirror delivers another dose of near-future (or is it near-present?) mind-warping erotica. “This present timeline is dark enough. If art be the mirror of life, let’s paint this Mirror a fleshly Pink!” Rowntree concluded. See the full movie at Wasteland.com

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Dystopian COVID-Themed Parody ‘Pink Mirror’ Bows on Wasteland.com | AVN

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