Cherry Kiss to Produce, Star for Art Collective Benefit Monkey

CYBERSPACE—Cherry Kiss is celebrating her ninth year in XXX, and the art collective The Benefit Monkey has signed her to produce and direct a new series of scenes that will be available on during the coming months. “Cherry has a great talent. She’s an extraordinary actress, no doubt about it, but if it’s possible, she is even better as producer,” assessed a spokesperson for the site. “Every details of those scenes will be in her hands. That’s why Cherry and us decided that we will give them her dedicated introduction and logo. She will be a new brain inside our company. A new point of view. You will see her producing skills with your own eyes.” “I’m very proud of this joint venture,” Kiss said. “It will be awesome to work together again. This project has my sign and literally my heart in it. We designed a new logotype, created a new style for those contents. They will have my style … and some bananas! We put the base for a long collaboration. I hope that my fans will appreciate this new side of my career and that they will enjoy my works as I will when I will shoot them. By the way, in a few of them, I’ll be the star. So go on as soon as they will be released and watch them.” is the opening salvo of a bigger project planned by the Swiss art collective named A.Monkey. The scenes and the movies by Benefit Monkey are now available online on, on its Pornhub channel and on its ManyVids page. TheBenefitMonkey may be followed on Twitter @monkeybenefit and Instagram @thebenefitmonkey. For news about Cherry Kiss, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Cherry Kiss to Produce, Star for Art Collective Benefit Monkey | AVN

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