Cassie Del Isla Navigates Quarantine in France

LOS ANGELES—Cassie Del Isla tells AVN she is improvising during this unusual time in the adult industry. The French star, who resides in Ibiza, has been staying in her native country with husband and fellow performer Dorian Del Isla during the quarantine because air travel in Europe has been restricted. “Like everyone, we have been surprised by this pandemic,” Cassie says. “We were stuck in France knowing that we normally live in Ibiza, Spain. We haven’t be able to go back yet.  “Shooting in France started a month ago, but only with French people.” Cassie and Dorian have shoots lined up with a new production company in France. “All that we know is that it’s going to be fantastic—something we never saw before,” she says. “I can’t say more about it yet, unfortunately.” Cassie in mid-June had her Twitter account removed by the platform for reasons that still are unclear. “I don’t know really why. They only told me that I was making like a ‘porn apology,’ (like I push people to watch porn movies). The only things I know is that it has been reported a lot of times … For now I won’t be able to make a new one,” Del Isla explains. “I tried but they got cancelled all the time after 24 hours. I hope Twitter will come back but it is on their decision—because I never did anything against their rules.  “So for now I use only Instagram to make my promotion. But as we all know Instagram is not a good platform to promote my work as a performer.” Cassie continues, “I am trying to do my best for the fans, to stay in touch with them. I still share my Onlyfans and Pornhub channel on it but I have to stay soft to be able to keep it as long because I don’t have a Twitter page. But everybody who knows me, knows that I am really not soft.” Cassie’s Pornhub channel, launched in June, is already growing at a rapid rate, thanks to her sex-tape style video posts that show her swinger lifestyle, group sex with adult talent and sometimes even fans. “Since I started the Pornhub channel well, the views on it are going up and so has my ranking. I was number 1800 and now it’s 1139,” Cassie says. “I have good comments on the Pornhub channel. People seem happy about it. “We have posted only BBG, BGG and orgy scenes. I wanted to do something that really looks like my swinger life. No more simple BG, just scenes with several people. And people really enjoy it!” Del Isla, who was born on Ile de la Reunion—a small island east of Madagascar that is a department of France—started her porn career in 2016 and has about 100 performing credits.

written by: Dan Miller

source: Cassie Del Isla Navigates Quarantine in France | AVN