Canal+ Network to Carry Jacquie & Michel TV Channel

PARIS—French studio Jacquie & Michel has launched its own television channel, J&M TV, exclusively on the Canal+ network. Beginning on June 23, Canal+ network subscribers will be able to access J&M TV on Canal+ channel 222. Every night, from midnight to 5 a.m., the channel’s air time will be dedicated to X-rated content including the latest releases from the Elite label, exclusive previews, reports, interviews and on-set “making of” sequences of adult productions.  J&M TV will be included with the Intégrale and Intégrale+ packages. It will be available as an option for 6€/month, commitment-free, or with the +18 option at a reduced cost of 12€/month for 6 months between June 23 and the September 30. In addition to being broadcast on Canal+ channel 222, J&M TV will be available online through the myCanal Adult Area (Espace Adulte). Access to J&M TV is subject to parental control.

written by: Robert Neuwave

source: Canal+ Network to Carry Jacquie & Michel TV Channel | AVN