BanksieTV Raises More Than $10K for COVID Relief, BLM

AUSTIN, Texas—BanksieTV announced it has raised more than $10,000 to help support coronavirus pandemic relief after finishing the first set of weekly Rona Reporting on B95. Rona Reporting is an Instagram Live broadcast organized by women of color hosted by “Queen of Quarantine,” Lindsey Banks, an adult industry collaborator and brand ambassador. The topics covered during the series have revolved around how the pandemic affects the adult industry; learning about the various new norms; working at home; and the importance of community during times of strife and change. “We invite our industry allies to join and encourage those to flatten our curve, teach tolerance and share different ways to help and stay safe,” BanksieTV said in announcing the fundraising milestone. Companies such as Clips4Sale, Pornhub and We-Vibe partnered with BanksieTV to support local pandemic relief efforts, according to BanksieTV. We-Vibe provided B95 with Womanizer and Pjur luxury products to give away during the live broadcasts, while Pornhub gifted surprise six-month and yearly Pornhub Premium memberships to fans who donated to the fund. Phase 1 of the series’ special guests included social media expert, Alex Lecomte, business development sales associate, Sasha Williams, and model support marketing manager at Pornhub, Natalia Hampton, who has helped make the project an ongoing success. Priscila Magossi, author of the New Camming Perspective, tweeted after her appearance: “It was absolutely wonderful to speak freely about my personal experience in the camming business. Empowerment is a lifestyle in which it is possible to live and to work according to our human rights.” Past guests Kristel Penn and Andra Chirnogeanu also posted about their Pornhub premiere with Banks on social media. All episodes of Rona Reporting are available to watch free on Pornhub. BanksieTV indicated donations have been made to the following organizations: •Texas Central Texas Food Bank•Barbados Sole to Soul Foundation  •South Africa SWEAT Organization  •BLM Campaign Zero  •Black Womens Health Imperative “And we encourage others to support in helping whether it be by donating, signing petitions, staying home, or using your platform and voice,” BanksieTV said. “We ended our first segment with performers Sia and Big Sexy and start the next segment, where we will catch up with others who have excelled in our industry as top performers and want to give back. From cyber, cancel, pop and porn culture, to their everyday life, we will touch on different topics with our next guests as we get to learn more about them and their experiences during a worldwide pandemic gone revolutionary!” Guest appearances include:? Mia Queen Jayda Jacobs Katya Tuini Bella Blue Ricky Johnson Korina Kova Rona Reporting—Segment 2—returns on Monday, June 22. To watch the live show, go to @BanksieTV on Instagram every Monday at 2 p.m. EST. Visit for more on the Rona Relief Project and the B95 mission. 

written by: John Roland

source: BanksieTV Raises More Than $10K for COVID Relief, BLM | AVN

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