Anka Radakovich on Better Sex Through Cannabis

Anka Radakovich on Better Sex Through Cannabis

A recent study from Stanfords University Medical Center found that the use of cannabis makes sexy time sexier. The throbbing new study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, and conducted by Stanford Universitys Medical Center department of urology, studied the effect of weed and its effect on female pleasure. Its all about the lady business these days. 

The sex study was given the non-sexy title of Assessment of the association of cannabis on female sexual function with the sexual function index,” or SFI.” This index measures desire, arousal, lubrication, pain, sexual satisfaction, and orgasm. 

According to the study, results indicated that increasing frequency of cannabis use is associated with increased satisfaction, orgasm and sexual desire. Users found more sexual pleasure than non-users. Women who used cannabis had higher SFI scores and reported lower levels of pain, and notably higher levels of arousal and satisfaction. The study also noted that over 22 million Americans use cannabis monthly,” which is a lot of stoned people getting it on.

The method of consumption didnt seem to matter, with users smoking it, vaping it, eating it, or bonging it. The study was given to 452 women who received the survey at a cannabis dispensary in California, where weed went from medical to even more legal, recreational status in 2018. 

Since marijuana has been illegal for so many years only a few studies were even conducted, except for one in 1970, no doubt by stoner hippie scientists, and a few in the mid-1980s that made the same conclusions that the modern day studies are making. Cannabis is now a billion-dollar industry with millions of people toking and stroking,” but without a hangover the morning after.     

A previous cannabis & sex study at Stanford in 2017 of more than 50,000 men and women concluded that marijuana use is associated with increased sexual frequency and does not appear to impair sexual function.” That study found that the higher frequency users reported experiencing more pleasure and more frequent orgasms. 


Cannabis use during sex goes back to the ancient ritual of Tantric Sex, and is now being used by people of all ages for more amazing, exciting, and sensual sex. Now that more states are making it legal, couples are realizing that pot can make sex better, budder,” and more fun.

So what does the magical plant actually do? Well, it lights up” the nucleus accumbens section of the brain where dopamine is released. Neuroscientists refer to it as the brains pleasure center.” Its the same area that lights up when you do something pleasurable like have sex, watch porn, watch a great movie, or laugh.

Another cool thing that happens when you use marijuana is that cannabis tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) binds to the brains receptive hippocampus, causing changes in the brain, and slowing down time. Your short-term memory becomes inhibited and you stay in the moment.” Thats when you become more receptive to touch. Cannabis creates a more sensual and electrifying experience. Plus, it increases sexual stamina, awakens creativity, and prolongs orgasms. What more could you ask for? And THC is a vasodilator, so it increases blood flow to your hoo-ha or your schlong.

Dr. Nick Karras, a sexologist from San Diego, has written a sex educational, info-taining mini e-book called “The Passionate High.“

Karras, who is a practicing couples counselor, told me he has seen the intentional use of marijuana actually save peoples marriages.” Bringing people closer on many levels, he says its about incorporating the unique cognitive and physical effects that cannabis provides to cultivate deeper connections and greater creativity.” For only $2.99, his book tells you how to effectively do it right with the help of the fun bud.” 

The secret he says is micro-dosing,” which is starting with a tiny amount at first and going slow,” he says. Its also important to create a ritual,” he notes, such as music, which can have a powerful influence, and soft lighting, which is important, especially when youre stoned.

Cannabis heightens the senses,” he says, creating incredible tactile sensations and increased blood flow and circulation.” He also says that cannabis creates a deeper understanding of the other persons needs,” a groovy side-effect. 

As the magical plant lights up the pleasure centers of the brain, you relax and feel less distracted, which helps you to let go,” be present, and be in the moment.

One of the most amazing features of cannabis,” says Karras, “is that it focuses your awareness, eliminating past and future thoughts and keeps you focused on the amazing sex youre having right in the middle of having it.”

Karras recommends it to couples he counsels and says it has created new sex lives for long-term couples who stopped having sex. Although its not for everyone, Cannabis creates a more sensual and electrifying experience,” he says. I call it sexual medicine.” 



If youre going to do it, do it right and be a connoisseur. THC Designs, a grower/premium cannabis cultivation company,” has a couple of recommendations for sex adventurers. Their Dosidos” strain has a sweet addicting minty cookie flavor accented by fresh lime and pine and a powerful 28-30% THC level. It gives you a cerebral rush of euphoric energy that lasts for a few minutes before fading into a sedative, uplifted and sleepy relaxation, making it great for pre and post-sex.” 

Purple Punch combines the DNA genetics of Larry OG and Grandaddy to bring you a relaxing head and body high,” the company says. “With smells of grape and blueberry candy, this strain is great for getting your body in the mood and relieving stress and minor aches and pains.” Like a fine wine, master cultivator Ryan Jennemann says, These strains can prime your mind and body for some of the most intimate and erotic sex youll ever have.”

Were in.

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