Angel, Quasar Anchor ‘The Mike & Joanna Show’ for Adult Time

MONTREAL—AVN Hall of Famers Joanna Angel and Mike Quasar lend their renowned irreverence to Adult Time’s first-ever video podcast, “The Mike and Joanna Show,” launched this week on the platform. “Everyone knows that Joanna and Mike are probably the two most hilarious people in our industry—expecially when they are together,” Adult Time chief creative officer Bree Mills said. “So it only felt appropriate for Adult Time to launch a video podcast series hosted by them as a way to keep us all entertained during the quarantine … and these two did not disappoint!” Each episode features a mix of drinking games, tips on where to find toilet paper, director porn commentary and conversations with some of the most popular starlets in the business. Offered Quasar, “Drinking and talking are my two favorite things. I can’t believe someone paid me for it!” “During the quarantine I’ve missed the days of being on set—and surprisingly, Mike Quasar has too,” Angel added. “This was a fun way to re-connet … and most importantly, give Mike a new platform to complain on. Hope everyone enjoys it, we all enjoyed doing the show!” Find “The Mike and Joanna Show” here.

written by: Peter Warren

source: Angel, Quasar Anchor ‘The Mike & Joanna Show’ for Adult Time | AVN