Amirah Adara Talks Performing, Producing, First AVN Award

A version of this feature appeared in the June issue of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition. LOS ANGELES—Amirah Adara embraces the process. It’s why her porn career is going as strong as ever almost a decade later. Whether she’s performing, traveling, meeting someone for the first time, booking a shoot or coming up with new concepts, the Hungarian star loves what she does—and it shows. “This business gave me a lot of self-confidence and independence,” Adara tells AVN. “Before I was living in my parents’ house. I never really went anywhere alone or whatever. I didn’t really learn too much about life. “So I learned a lot about life. About myself. About other people. About other cultures. Like I’m really interested about other people to talk to them. I’m really interested about psychology, actually.” As Adara became more seasoned as a performer and her profile grew, she not only built her network of adult industry contacts, she also created an international fanbase. The 28-year-old at press time had 370K followers on Twitter—not to mention more than 115 million video views on Pornhub, where almost 84,000 subscribers are waiting to see what she does next. “Actually, I’m really, really happy about this because I never thought people gonna like this much what I do,” Adara says humbly. “Because I always do what I like to do. I always try to give a good performance and everything to my fans. “… I’m really happy. Of course I wouldn’t be anything without them. So I really appreciate that they are still following me. It’s really nice.” Thanks to one of Adara’s recent efforts, she claimed her first AVN Award this past January, winning a trophy for Best Foreign-Shot All-Girl Sex Scene for her sizzling performance in Misha Cross’ Bacchanalia for Evil Angel. In the psychedelic throwdown, Adara joined Anna de Ville, Sophie Sparks, Tiffany Tatum and Cross for an all-girl, glow-in-the-dark orgy that might just be one of the funkiest sex scenes of all time. Adara found out she won on Sunday morning, January 27, the day after the 37th AVN Awards in Las Vegas. “I always check out who the winners are. I always like to be updated on what’s happening there,” Adara says from her home in her native Budapest. “I was surprised and I was really happy because I think that scene is really good—and special; and I know that Misha was working a lot on it. So I’m really happy for her also.” Cross and her collaborator—Italian sharpshooter Lucky Red, who was the cinematographer for the scene, prepped for five days, capturing the footage at his studio in Madrid. “She’s amazing. And all of the girls who were in the scene—I love them,” Adara says. “I didn’t know Sophie before, but she’s totally cool also. But the other girls I knew.” Adara even knew the makeup artist Soraya because she used to live in Barcelona. “She is really amazing,” Adara says. Adara got into adult when she was 18, after a girl approached her at a nightclub. “She asked me if I want to do modeling,” Adara recalls. “Just normal. I said yeah, of course. You know how is that. You are in a party. You are friends with everyone. And in the next few days I met with the agent. He was my first agent and he explain me what it is exactly. Like it’s not normal modeling, but porn. “And then I was like, ‘Me? No, no, no, no.’ Because it was something I never thought about. And then I was thinking a few days and I was like, ‘Hmm, it sounds interesting.’ So I just started.” Adara actually was still in high school—she had one more exam to take—when she did her first scene. “And then I started university,” Adara says, noting she didn’t really have any jobs before porn outside of a couple summer gigs. She says her first porn scene went well enough—she took on three guys during the session, starting with Pierre Woodman. “I was really comfortable with it even after the first time actually. I thought it was gonna be more weird for me at first, but it wasn’t. So I was really happy,” says Adara, who had almost 520 credits at press time, according to “Actually they put me into deep water right away. It was actually a really good experience and everything was nice. Everything was good, so I’m really happy about that first scene.” Adara lived in Barcelona for about six months in 2016, running a talent agency called Emerald Babes. “I had a partner with it and after a while I just started to work more and more as a model,” Adara says. “I didn’t really have time to shoot scenes but I really missed that. “So we agree that I want to go back and shoot more scenes as a model and then I think he continued for a while. Because in Barcelona they don’t really have agencies. Everybody knows everyone, so they don’t really use agencies, so I think it didn’t work out in the end.” Adara said she co-founded Emerald Babes in Barcelona because the Budapest market was covered. “We have two big agencies and they are really good,” says Adara, who is represented by Brill Babes. She gained a lot from the experience even if it was brief. “Actually, I really enjoyed it because I really like to organize things,” Adara says. “Even I love to buy flight tickets; I love to even provide that. I really liked it. But I really missed shooting. These two things next to each other, it’s impossible because as an agent you have to be available basically for like 24 hours. And obviously when I’m shooting a scene I cannot answer. So it didn’t go well together.” Adara performed in almost 50 sex scenes in 2019, racking up an array of credits for studios such as Evil Angel, Marc Dorcel, Legal Porno, Viv Thomas, 21st Sextury, Let’sDoeIt, DDF, James Deen Productions and Nubile Films. “I was working like crazy in the last year,” she says. “I really liked it. I love traveling. I love working. I love everything. Even when I don’t have too much time to sleep because I’m always traveling I still love it.” She says one of her favorite scenes of last year—and of her career—was the AVN Award-winner. “I really loved that one. That’s really close to my heart,” she says. “And before last year I really liked to work for Proxy Paige for Evil Angel also. I really liked her attitude, her scenes, how she’s making us feel special during the scene.” She would like to shoot for studios such as Tushy and Vixen in the future. “One of my friends, Tina Kay, she also started to produce movies for Harmony and I really wanted to shoot for her because I know her as a model,” Adara says. “But I never shot for her as a producer. And now a few weeks ago I just did it, so I was really happy about that. I think that’s also going to be something special. “It was three girls and then one more girl entered. It was Jasmine Jae, Tina Kay and me. And in the end Misha Cross was also joining for a little bit. And it was amazing. “I don’t know when they’re going to release the movie, but I hope soon because I cannot wait to see.” When Adara isn’t performing, she is likely producing scenes for Nubiles with her significant other Antonio Ross, who performed for almost 20 years. She has teamed with Ross on pre-production duties for Nubiles for the past two years. “It’s pretty cool depending on of course how many girls they like, how many girls they choose. But we are producing a lot now. I’m really happy about that,” Adara says. “We are directing and producing. He’s doing the camera. I’m doing basically the booking, the organizing. “I do the paperwork, like everything basically. We are a team. “… We always check out the ratings, the comments and as far as I see, the members really like what we are shooting. So I am really, really happy about that.” Adara says she has learned a lot about her sexuality from being in porn. “Because I tried almost everything for the first time in the business,” she admits. “So I know more now about my body, about my sexuality. It’s really good. Because a lot of people they don’t discover it that much. “So they don’t know what they really like or what they really enjoy. And I got the chance to try things that probably I would never try if I am not in porn. But it’s a really good thing.” Adara adds, ”And about the business I learned that if you appreciate your fans and the people who you work for—like the producers, the directors, the makeup artists, the fans, everyone—I think we are a team together. “And this business cannot work without any of us. The agencies, everything.” As she looks ahead to what is on her agenda after the COVID-19 crisis ends—the European community had also halted production indefinitely at press time in early April, she sees herself devoting more efforts to the creative side of the business. That includes replenishing with new content. “I have a lot of ideas of what I like,” Adara says. “Also I hope we can shoot some really nice scenes so I would like to continue with producing. So that’s my plan. “Outside of porn I really want to go back to university. I want this two years ago really. But sometimes I don’t have time for anything like this. So maybe soon…” When she returns to college, she wants to study Psychology. “I was studying before Communications and Tourism. Basically at that time I thought I’m interested in that but I just find out that I would like to do Psychology,” says Adara, who has a Pomeranian named Pocok who also keeps her busy off the set. “I love him,” she says. “He’s crazy.” Photography by Winston Wolf for

written by: Dan Miller

source: Amirah Adara Talks Performing, Producing, First AVN Award | AVN