Adriana Chechik on Travel, Success and Being ‘Bratty’

This is the cover story of the June 2020 edition of AVN magazine. Click here for the digital edition. LOS ANGELES—Adriana Chechik stood within 40 feet of white rhinos on the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in Kruger National Park in South Africa in the fall. She watched a zebra run past her and came too close for comfort to a pair of hyenas. The 2017 AVN Female Performer of Year fulfilled a dream when she hung off the edge of Victoria Falls—one of the largest waterfalls in the world at 360 feet high—in Zambia. She smoked “crazy hash” in Qatar, “discovered magic” in Thailand, explored the Australian Outback and marveled at the most spectacular fireworks show she’d ever seen on New Year’s Eve on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When the notorious performer also known as “BratNasty” isn’t pushing her sexual limits on camera, there’s a good chance she’s quenching her wanderlust. “Oh my gosh I love it—I love traveling,” Chechik says. “It’s like I feel even crazier now that we’re stuck in quarantine because for me the breaking point was when they shut off Europe. “Because I actually had—I’m missing four trips right now. And hopefully it’ll happen… at the end of June I was supposed to go to Italy for 20 days. And then the Slovenian Alps to do an 11-day after that of just biking and canoeing and canyoneering. “I feel like the only time I ever get true growth or understanding is when I travel. “Because you can put somebody in a room in a situation but until they go somewhere and actually experience how other people live—whether it’s good or bad—you don’t really grasp it. “It makes me appreciate everything in life.” Dressed in a comfy blue hoodie with Nike emblazoned on the chest with no makeup on, the natural beauty is quarantining at her home in the San Fernando Valley as the city of LA navigates its fourth week of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. “I got out for a hike today,” Chechik says. “My dogs are so crazy they literally don’t let me get any sleep and they follow me around the house. And when I say that, it’s not like a normal dog. They’re crazy about it because they’re terriers. “So I was like, alright I’ve got to take you somewhere.” Chechik tells me she’s thrilled about her second cover of AVN magazine. Her first was in March 2017—two months after she claimed the AVN Performer of the Year crown. That image saw an ecstatic Chechik planting a kiss on the cheek of Mick Blue—the Male Performer of the Year—when he hoisted her up in the winner’s circle backstage. “I’m so excited because the only other time I’ve been on the cover of AVN I was crying,” Chechik says. “It’ll be nice to see myself looking glamorous.” It’s that combination of effortless glamour coupled with an insatiable appetite for hardcore sex that has catapulted Chechik to future legend status in industry circles, not to mention attracted a global fan following. The 28-year-old native of Downington, Pennsylvania—about 30 miles west of Philadelphia—at press time in April was approaching 900 million video views on Pornhub with almost 600,000 subscribers. Those numbers have her entrenched in the Top 10 Most Popular Porn Stars on the industry’s most trafficked site—a level she’s been maintaining for more than two years. Meanwhile, Chechik had amassed more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram at @bratnasty69 and another 727,000 on Twitter, where her bio reads “the nastiest holes in porn.” “It’s awesome,” Chechik says. “But it’s really only because I fuck my fans. That’s what I tell everybody—that’s the secret. You want people to like you? You bang ’em all.” She continues, “I look back at my life and I’m thankful for it but I am the type of person when I start things I’m so headstrong and driven. When I first got into porn when I was a stripper I was like, ‘I’m gonna be the best porn star. I’m gonna have a Fleshlight.’ “And I never thought anything less so I don’t think I ever get shocked about how things turn out because I believe in myself so much that I’m just like… It sounds a little cocky to say it out loud but… “I remember like a year ago I had gone to a therapist and was talking to them and realized that conversation and I was like, ‘Well shit, why don’t I tell myself I’m going to be an astronaut or something?’ Because everything I’ve always said, I’ve done. So like I want to go to the moon or somewhere cool.” *** Even as she settles into her eighth year in adult with almost 750 performing credits, Chechik admits that feeling she gets moments before the cameras start rolling remains the same. “I do still get nervous before a scene, especially girl/girl scenes,” Chechik says. “I’m not sure if that nervousness will ever go away. But I think the only change now is that I have more of a relaxed life.” She remembers the early days when she would grapple with “all these crazy emotions” while on set, yet at the same “be so turned on” in spite of whatever was going on in her private life. “I would say it’s a little more refined now, which is nice,” Chechik says. “And I feel like, not necessarily other people are upping the ante, but when they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re Adriana Chechik. We know we’re going to have a good day.’ Then I fucking bang really hard. “And then I’ll finish the scene and they’ll be like, ‘That was amazing.’ And I’ll feel like I didn’t break a sweat. I think now I have more internal battles with myself where I’m like, ‘You could’ve done it harder!’” Anyone who’s examined Chechik’s body of work in recent years would face a difficult task finding an instance where she was holding back. Out of her almost 100 outings in 2019, 30 were anal scenes—a dozen of which included double-penetration. Before the lockdown started—on February 23rd—Chechik did a seven-man gangbang for AVN Hall of Fame director Jonni Darkko that will be debuting on this year. It marked the latest collaboration between Chechik and Darkko, who have teamed on numerous occasions over the years, a couple of which resulted in AVN Awards. The same night of Chechik’s coronation as Female Performer of the Year on January 22, 2017, she also won her first Best Oral Sex Scene award for her scintillating blowbang in Adriana Chechik: The Ultimate Slut; and Most Outrageous Sex Scene for her three-way with Markus Dupree and the 2017 AVN Best New Starlet, Holly Hendrix, in Holly Hendrix’s Anal Experience. Darkko produced and directed both movies that were distributed by Evil Angel. “She is something of a one of a kind,” Darkko tells AVN. “She’s like a one-off when you’re silk-screening a shirt, trying to get that perfect one. … I have this weird synergy with her that I’ve rarely had with but a couple people. “I feel like every time we get on set, it’s just on. I don’t think I’ve had one time where it was like, ‘That sucked. Goddamn that didn’t rock.’” Darkko continues, “She just shot a gangbang for Evil Angel. We just got the trailer. It’s literally one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. I love when we work together. It’s one of those things where it’s a rare dynamic. “Because you meet people, you like them, you connect, but sometimes you meet someone and it’s like they’re reading your mind while you’re reading theirs. It’s like I’m thinking, ‘Look over your shoulder now,’ and then she does it and it’s like oh my god, she’s reading my fucking mind.” *** Darkko in 2019 produced and directed a follow-up to his initial 2015 showcase, unleashing Adriana Chechik The Ultimate Slut 2, on September 11th. Chechik got entangled in four threesomes and a boy/girl that ended with a bukkake with six fans that included anal and squirting in every scene. The 18-year veteran shot-caller summons Chechik just about every time he introduces a new title; she appeared in his Evil Creampies in 2017 and Anal Trixxx—doing some gnarly butt stuff with balls, beads and a speculum—in 2018. “Her perversity comes out of her,” Darkko says. “It’s just something that happens and when she saw the gangbang trailer she told me, ‘It makes me want to go outside in a trench coat and find a bunch of construction workers.’ “There’s really no no’s or ‘don’t do this’ with Adriana. The line is very thin. She gives it that zest. She can take dudes face-fucking her as hard as possible. “I always like doing blow-bangs with her. She wants the guys to go hard. She’ll pull the guy into her face. She truly loves every aspect of it. She likes to be destroyed. I think that’s ushered in a whole new category of porn performers because of the likes of her.” Chechik’s resume of sexual feats includes just about anything and everything that has been ever been done on camera—she did her first double anal scene only eight months into her career in This Is My First… A Gangbang Movie for Digital Sin in 2013. That movie also included double vag. The following year Chechik pulled off triple anal in Gangbang Me for Hard X. She declared her desire to be a “DP queen” early on and has never slowed down. As we were setting up this interview in April Chechik told me she had to send her laptop to get fixed because she had squirted on it. ***Chris Gentile, chief creative officer for Evil Angel, tells AVN he came into the business around the same time as Chechik so he has followed her career with great interest. “She signed for us at [the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo] four years in a row, so I’ve gotten to know her really well,” says Gentile, who won his first AVN Award in 2019 for Best Director – Non Feature for the docu-porn showcase, I Am Angela. “I’ve always associated her as The Evil Angel. As a performer everything that she loves is what we love and it’s what our fans love and over the years we’ve done a ton of amazing projects together but I just haven’t had the chance to work with her directly yet. “Personality is first and foremost with all the movies I do. A lot of times big stars have big personalities and Adriana has all of that. It’s crazy that we haven’t had a chance to work together, yet, but I’ve talked to her a lot… Adriana reminds me of a world class athlete. She works hard, she’s competitive, she wants to stand out in everything that she does and she’s determined. In addition to that, she’s also really kinky. She has a big sex drive.” Chechik says after she won the adult industry’s highest honor for a female performer that things were not the same—but in a positive way. “You just feel different. I feel like everybody treats you with… I would say you’re now—you’re solidified. So I feel like people treat me with more respect and kind of like a little bit nicer but also cooler. So that was nice,” she says. “And also there is the pressure when you win Female Performer of the Year for that whole year. Even in the years to come people are like, ‘Oh you’re going to give us a good scene’ or ‘you have to give us a good scene because you’re the Female Performer of the Year.’ “It’s just the comments that directors and other people will say. “But for the most part it feels really good. It feels awesome. I like being someone for people to look up to and ask information. And I think this year specifically I’ve tried to reach out to newer girls be like, ‘Do your taxes. You need to learn about your vagina. I am here.’ Like I have a whole two-page notes in my phone of how to clean your ass out properly because so many new girls ask me.” Chechik continues, “So I think it’s cool because now I’m the one giving advice. And I felt like when I was younger I didn’t have enough girls offering me advice. … So I think it’s really awesome to be the older generation in porn—but not a MILF! Not yet…my tits are too small. “For me all I ever wanted—I grew up in foster care and I do have a half-sister—she just now turned 18. But all I ever wanted was a sister. I am a total girl’s girl. So if somebody wants to talk to me in general—just girl talk. I will just dump it on them. “Now it’s even better because I get to be the older sister.” ***Chechik, who didn’t lose her virginity until she was 18 and only slept with one guy before starting porn, grew up with 13 different foster families in the Downington and Reading, Pa., areas. She says learned from her childhood in foster care. “I think pretty much every experience in life molds people, so I think I’m no exception to that,” Chechik says. “I learned very early on and this is why I also think I’m bratty—is that you don’t have to do what people tell you you have to do. “Or you don’t have to listen to them because you yourself need to make the choice in what right and wrong is. And I learned very, very early on through just like really nice women that I encountered. As like a 6-year-old or a 7-year-old that just taught me. I was young, but they still taught me about sexual misconduct and experiences in life that aren’t appropriate. And things that are appropriate that really did give me my strong personality. So I’m really thankful for it and I think I got really lucky.” Chechik continues, “I had like really shitty food and stuff but for the most part I had really cool experiences. I still did travel around a lot because I would go from house to house. But at the same time when you’re in a rural area, moving schools or something like that, it becomes more interesting. “I think I just start getting mad when I couldn’t keep up in school but other than that I’m pretty chill about it I think.” Chechik even stayed with different Amish families on the weekends for a span. In recent years, she has had no desire to return to her hometown. “God no. I don’t know if I’m running from something. My mom is crazy and she was always in and out of my life in foster care there, so I don’t know,” she says. “I went back one time when I was 20. And I went to a bar with my girlfriend and someone told me I needed to leave because I was a whore and to get out of there. “And it’s just so Republican but the bad type of Republicans that are doing all these things that aren’t Republican behind the scenes. “So I don’t know. I think maybe that also keeps me away, just some of the people and stuff like that. Honestly the true family I do have I just think are so crazy from what little experiences I have. I guess I’m in fear of running into them again 100 percent.” ***When she considers what she has achieved so far—nine AVN Awards, a global fanbase and financial stability to name a few—Chechik says it’s the “experiences” that she enjoys the most. “Because if I had gone on to get even a high-paying normal person job I wouldn’t have gotten to travel to these grandeur places at such a young age,” she says. “And it’s awesome to live open and free and just feel like you don’t have to pretend to be somebody or hide around any random person. “And then just getting to do things that people never get to do is really, really amazing. So probably that and all the sex. I get a lot of sex so that’s great.” She adds, “It’s so funny I was doing my cam show and I actually yelled on my cam show in the middle of masturbating, ’I’m so over this! I’m tired of this!’ And they’re all laughing. And then I get off and I go online and I see a tweet from another girl where she’s like, ‘Fuck my vibrator I’m so over seeing its face.’ And I was like, ‘This is how we go crazy.’ “Like for us we’re all going crazy rubbing ourselves. I cammed every day for the first nine days [of quarantine], but I started to get raw because I go all out in my scenes and you’re using toys. So I started to become raw. And today I was supposed to cam but I have to sit it out because I’m so sore. “But I’m gonna be back to doing the next seven days tomorrow.” Chechik says if anything, when this lockdown is over, she wants to be “a little kinder” going forward. And when it comes to performing, she’s going to make up for lost time. “We’re just gonna have to fuck like insane,” she says. “I actually left AVN being like, ‘Well if Angela [White] can win [Female Performer of the Year] three times in a row, then I can definitely win it a second time.’ And I left thinking like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna try for this year.’ So I would still like to try but now we’re like… we’re running out of time!” Chechik says she is finalizing a feature script that she wanted to shoot in the spring, working with’s Alan X as her videographer. “And we’ve actually been going back and forth through this quarantine to finalize a script, but I was like I’m gonna shoot it in spring because that’s when it looks the best for the idea I had. And then I’ll make the AVN [awards eligibilty] cutoff and it’ll be my first movie,” she says. “But now like if we’re not done with this until June I don’t know. Maybe AVN will extend their cutoff. “Because I’ve been directing for like two years myself. And then recently really got into doing scripted stuff and just little scripted blurbs here and there to where I was like, ‘You know what, I just gotta do a full-fledged script already.’ And I’ve been talking about it to a bunch of companies and I just don’t like any of the companies’ responses because I’m bratty. “I pick weird stories so that’s the problem.”Chechik has been a collector of Jenga games and National Geographic magazines, which inspire her travel destinations. since she was about 12 years old.“I have just pages that I sit there and I write on. Like I need to go here before I leave. So actually every place I’ve gone to is on some list somewhere for like NatGeo’s ‘Best Sunsets,’” she reveals. The performer also loves watched the NatGeo TV channel and reading NatGeo books. “I do have the books but I only collect the magazines. And I watch those shows all day long. I love them,” she says. “I try to watch animal shows when I go to bed. But then I get so intense with them, with like what’s gonna happen. “And then I end up staying up until 4 a.m.” Photography by Keith Ryan

written by: Dan Miller

source: Adriana Chechik on Travel, Success and Being ‘Bratty’ | AVN

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