SayUncle Joins the Battle Against COVID-19 During Pride Month

LOS ANGELES—June is Pride Month and SayUncle is feeling the love for the LA LGBT Center, which provides humanitarian outreach to the queer community on an international scale.  Donations from SayUncle help with LA LGBT’s CARE (Community Action Response Effort) Fund. CARE aims to serve as a rapid response for those in need during the COVID-19 crisis for the most vulnerable in the LGBTQ community. Every dollar raised for the CARE Fund goes immediately to guaranteeing healthcare access to someone who would otherwise be turned away, food for those in financial desperation, expanding telehealth and remote programs, and shelter for those with nowhere else to go. “Pride is an opportunity for us to remember the activists who came before us and to continue the fight against injustices queer people still face. During this pandemic, many members of our community are in urgent need, and we at SayUncle feel it is a privilege to lend our financial support to this organization dedicated to helping them,” said Mars, SayUncle’s CEO. “The LA LGBT Center is an essential organization that does an incredible job of providing critical services to queer communities, and contributes to building a better and more equal world. We are happy to help and hope that others will be inspired to celebrate Pride by raising their voices for justice and supporting organizations that do essential work for the LGBTQ community.” Each monthly subscription sold will have $5 donated, with $25 from every annual subscription purchased during the month of June going to the cause. SayUncle will match these donations. For more information and to donate, visit SayUncle.Com/Pride. To learn more about SayUncle’s donation, visit the SFW page here.

written by: Terrie Alexander

source: SayUncle Joins the Battle Against COVID-19 During Pride Month | AVN

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