Masqulin Studio is ‘Bro-ing It Up’ With New, Post COVID-Break DVD

MONTREAL—Masqulin Studio took a health break with the rest of the adult industry and the world beyond to deal with COVID-19. Things are still crazy out there, but during this moment of semi-normality, Bro-ing It Up is freshly released on DVD. The Bros include Alex Mecum, Gabriel Phoenix, Jack Hunter, JJ Knight, Michael DelRay, Orson Deane, Pierce Paris and Troy Daniels. The 100 percent bareback DVD contains a total of four scenes. There’s a neighborly hook-up in small-town suburbia; a best friend’s gift of sex to a dying virgin; a fan getting close to his online crush in a steamy streaming episode; and an airport security agent conducting a private second screening and discovering a large concealed “package.” A studio rep noted that the company is “excited” to be back to releasing DVDs. “These have been such unfamiliar times with so much of what was our normal coming to a halt. Being able to distribute our new releases again is such a welcomed positive for us”. For a look at the box art and hardcore preview for Bro-ing It Up, visit here. Visit Masqulin online at and follow on Twitter and Instagram.  

written by: Terrie Alexander

source: Masqulin Studio is ‘Bro-ing It Up’ With New, Post COVID-Break DVD | AVN

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