Falcon’s Fetish Force Releases ‘Taken’ on DVD

Falcon's Fetish Force Releases ‘Taken’ on DVD

SAN FRANCICO—Fetish Force, Falcon Studios Group’s kink and fetish line, has released its latest feature, Taken, on DVD.

Directed by Trenton Ducati, Taken stars Jesse Zeppelin, Taylor Reign, Kirk Cummings, Johnny Ford and Jack Dyer. The DVD is now available at the Falcon Studios Group Store.  

According to a plot synopsis supplied by the company, “When janitor Jesse Zeppelin spots Kirk Cummings walking by himself, Jess takes the stud to a hidden bathroom to fuck him however he wishes. Sketchy pervert Jack Dyer brings Taylor Reign and Johnny Ford back to his hideout to dominate them … but he might have brought back the wrong two guys. After sucking his cock, Johnny and Taylor overpower their Dom and give him the same treatment he gave them 10 times harder with gags, electrocution and bareback sex.”

“We really pushed the limit with this new movie, and I couldn’t be more proud,” said Ducati. “The men of Taken really get into their roles and bring the predator and prey fantasy to life.”

For DVD retail and wholesale purchasing, contact John Gunderson at [email protected].


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